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Meenans Wine & Spirit Merchants


Brand Strategy
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New Zealand

Family, farming and fruit, The Persimmon Place operates from the site of the original Waddell’s Orchard which has existed since 1889 when it was established as a citrus growing orchard. 

Warren Wadell a fifth generation farmer also brings a career in hospitality with a vision to create a sophisticated and multi-faceted farmgate experience.

The persimmon is little known in Australia and a delicacy among the Koreans who delight in walking through the orchards.

elevate the brand voice.

Meenans is a 40 year family owned and managed wine

and liquor importer in the South Island of New Zealand. They have a

strong local reputation for importing whiskeys and wines not easily

found elsewhere in New Zealand. Deregulation means wine and beer is also available in supermarkets; this and a growing number of

liquor chains has had a big impact on local stores.


Meenans have a large retail store in centre of Dunedin, a kind of NZ/Spanish bodega. They brew their own beer and distill some house label liquors.


They had a wonderful rich and layered story to tell but they

were keeping it a secret. The opportunities existed to create a clear

differentiation in their offering and to position them as a boutique

merchant with a special retail experience and online strategy.


We slightly modified their name to embrace their legacy and differentiate the customer experience. The logo is

modern in shape with traditional colours and the typography was

deliberately classical mixed with modern.


Creation of a inexpensive visual story placed around the internal perimeter of their retail store tells some of their product story and connects the diverse range of offering in the cavernous space.

We also proposed creating a 
wine club among present account customers and to expand this area of the business.

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