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Do you show and tell your brand story?

It is not just the words but how we use them.

It’s not just the stories but how we tell them.

And it’s not just words. It is images, body language, mood, touch, sound, tone, rhythm and …..

Everything is vibration. Come Closer or Stay Away!

If you communicate to someone’s mind they analyse and are likely preparing their response before you even finish.

When you touch the heart of a person they receive your communication feeling into the knowing that it is truly for them.

We communicate to reach and touch others. We listen and observe for ourselves.

The stories we tell through the images we choose, the clothes we wear, our body language; through touch, sound, tone, rhythm are in service of others, so they feel themselves in our stories.

Your difference is clear in the stories you tell.

Do you know what stories you are telling?

Are you congruent, consistent and clear?

Are your stories hurting or helping your business success?

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