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Virgo New Moon - Liberate your abundance

Firstly I have to confess after years of taking the piss out of perfectionist Virgos, I have come to love this sign. Likely because my understanding of it has grown and with it my appreciation of how it helps me get stuff done.

It's like that investment you made, forgot about it and then a juicy cheque arrives in the mail. Yippee

Virgo's symbol is the maiden but do not be fooled by this. Virgo is the vestal virgins who through their sovereignty could choose to marry or not.

This really is the key to this sign. It wants you to take charge of your life so you can be liberated in your choices.

Choosing from sufficiency and abundance. I

The biggest energy this New Moon is Mars and Mars is nothing if it is not pure desire. Can you feel it already washing over you like a hot flush or a moistness in your loins. It likes actions and in Mercury it wants effective and efficient action. It says enough of the talking, let’s get this doing done.

The primary message is about managing your daily life - health, well being.

You are your greatest resource.

It observes, attunes and analyses, it wants efficient, effective operations. You choose your values in Taurus, the first earth sign.

It's now time to organise your life to align your actions to deliver on them.

Do you declare your reliability: Virgo wants you to deliver on that.

Do you say you value spirituality. Virgo expects you to do your sadhana.

If you’re ambitious and indecisive. Virgo reminds you to choose aligned with your values, Quicker and focused decision making.

This New Moon ‘only’ has Mars in Gemini to contend with. Mars is how we direct our inspiration, motivation and actions. Thanks to that exact square to Mars, this new moon brings a keen, focused analytical eye to everything in our orbit.

Typically New Moons, are for seed planting moments, not this one - it wants you to strip away all that’s excess to requirements.

Virgo likes effectiveness over misguided efficiency. Clear the decks. Get rid of anything that’s in the way of you most productively and simply doing you.

Of course you could direct this laser focus through your ego who strives and never arrives. Yogi Bhajan, said the only thing that will kill you is your own ego so it’ll definitely be more enlivening to direct your actions aligned with your soul’s journey.

It’s a well used phrase that everyone wants to change the world but no one wants to change themselves. And yet, because everything is relationship, once you change, everything in your orbit changes. So zoom in on your abundance and serve from your overflowing cup.

Here’s a meditation that clears and directs your focus to what you most need, want or desire right now.

If you’re already clear use it to amplify your focus.

But wait, don't get into action yet. New Moons are for opening and channelling. Asking for guidance. Wait for the crescent moon to get into action. You are creation. Remember we're all in this together so play nicely and share.

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