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Instant gratification or deep fulfillment?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Do you want your new branding to satisfy this moment or carve a roadmap to your mastery?

Seems like the answer is obvious but after 30 years in the creative industry I see so many clients blindly seduced by the former and wonder why a year later they are rebranding again, and then again.

It's a version of buy cheap. Buy often. Painful and adding to the time and energy wasted landfill. It gives creativity a bad name. For the uninitiated who might have little experience working with a creative agency it can be hard to tell the difference.

Both will deliver insta worthy tiles but the one that satisfies your now will give you a big sugar high and then CRASH.

At first you’ll love it - the photography, cool typography, colour palette and multiple inspirational cliched happy clappy brand messages: but then like fast fashion after a few months or a year it will lose its shine, sag in inappropriate spots and you'll need to keep adjusting it because it doesn't fit so well. Once again you'll be wasting time, lacking focus, increasing brand confusion and screwing your bottomline as you fiddle to make it fit the you you no longer are.

A brand that builds your mastery will feel tailor-made: accentuates your assets, moves with you, inspires clarity and confidence, amplifies your unique quirks and is congruent and evolves as you and your business inevitably do, as you close the gap between your present reality and your vision. It will have deeper foundations, a solid framework and systems; less fluff, more focus, less on trend and more classic elegance that never goes out of style.

One that is grounded in who you are, what has made you the person to create this particular business, and, how and what you deliver for your clients is unique.

It’s an inward journey that first delivers an embodied confidence because you begin to understand yourself and your business' value better, so you communicate the impact it delivers to your ideal clients more articulately and magnetically. They choose you. The more superficial version may seem to ask the same questions but it's focus is outward, on the client, on the product, on the tangible result they receive. These are of course vital because only fools buy stardust.

In a world of same same your client needs to experience your difference to believe you are the right choice to help them get what they want. Where's there infinite choice don't you want to build a business brand where they instantly resonate and choose YOU, rather than you having to play that PICK ME, PICK ME game that's so old paradigm; sad and disappointing when you're left on the sidelines feeling like you've done all the right things but you didn't get any of the results that matter.

There’s often no difference in the price but there’s a monstrous difference in the result. Which one do you want?

Hit reply on the email if you're ready to dive deeper to build a business and brand that works for all of your life?

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