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Seeking harmony?

It’s not about balance but equilibrium.

Working with a daily practice and with the lunar cycles I’ve come to realise New Moon is always a pleasure. It’s an invitation to pause and plant a new seed. Planting seeds means we are still filled with hope, with faith that we live in a beautiful place.

Each zodiac sign holds a different energy and as we move around the sun and the moon moves around us, it asks us to work with a different energy each cycle. Aries is ruled by Mars, God of War. It’s action oriented asking who we are and how we’ll show that by what we do. Libra it’s zodiacal opposite is ruled by Venus, God of beauty, inspiring us in love, creativity and compassion for all things we encounter. Libra focuses on harmony in relationship and reminds us we are all in this together, completely and wholly interconnected.

We are constantly and forever in relationship with everything and everyone.

The primary and most obvious one is with ourselves and if we can find harmony in this relationship then all the others immediately come into ease.

Now harmony should not be confused with balance. Nature is always seeking balance but its an active state. There is no stasis.

Balance has become the holy grail. A tenet which sets us all up for failure.

It’s this myth in modern folklore where everything works in perfect harmony with everything else. Where all our Is are dotted and our Ts are crossed, our wardrobe is perfectly IKEA’d, our children Calvin Klein’d, our tshirts Polo Lauren’s our homes Pottery Barn’d, our jewels Tiffany’d

Really who wants to live in such blah blah land. Let it go, it’s advertising and marketing relentlessly to you and its your ego that even considers it desirable.

As you know it’s a rare moment in your life that everything is in order and if it is, know it will change soon. Life works in cycles: infinity, life, death and rebirth. Your skin changes every 7 years. Your consciousness every 7 years. Your intelligence every 11. Your physical body and lifestyle every 18. And yes, we make different choices at different ages and lo and betold we may even mature. Once we stop resisting we can come into greater acceptance and peace with ourselves. Hallelulah whether it’s Leonard Cohen or Bono singing.

As the Dalai Lama says ‘Suffering is optional.’

I’m applying this to my work, my wardrobe, my diet, this blog, my relationships, my work with clients, social media, my accounts.

It might be the result of the last Moon, or Mercury in retrograde or the energy of this New Moon or Jupiter who reminds us to get out of the dross and take an aerial view. But it’s all adding up to the same thing. Focus on what’s essential. Let the rest go on its own beautiful journey.

The moon will work with whatever we give her. She will create beauty through all obstacles. As you sit with these energies, ask

Where you are out of sync? What relationships are out of harmony? What needs your attention now? What seeds can you plant to bring the whole into alignment? Who can you help, and who can help you?

You can’t and shouldn’t be doing it all alone.

Plant those seeds, watch for the signs. Feel into the mystery, (life really is an adventure) Be ready to offer and receive those helping hands. Do both with a smile and a nod. The Universe has got your back.

As always please share with love. And if you’re confused about your brand, and need some help to get clear go here.

I’ve created a Moon Cycle calendar which you can download Southern Hemisphere dwellers here Northern Hemisphere folk here

image by the talented Annie Spratt via unsplash

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