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Unique or special?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Everyone is unique which means we are all different.

There will never be someone quite like you ever, ever again.

That’s pretty cool and while it makes you special, it also means we’re all special 🙂

While we seek to be acknowledged for our difference, we have a primal need to belong.

This is just one example of the polarity universe we live in. Where there’s dark, there’s light.

When we are confronted with a new difference whether it be cultural, physical, mental or emotional we immediately go into fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system). Our brain seeks patterns and is also wired to spot difference.

If we have sufficient control of our emotions, mind, body and energy we can instantly assess and reassure ourselves we are safe. This allows us to relax, be curious and explore the opportunity (parasympathetic nervous system).

Every brand is seeking to engage the emotion of curiosity and desire to inspire connection and a positive response. Consistent, clear stories that resonate build trust so when you eventually offer an opportunity to buy your ideal clients are positively predisposed to your product or service.

Is your difference clear in the stories you are telling?

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