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Who can you trust?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020


The short answer is yourself,

or more accurately first know what you can trust in yourself

and it is through that trust you inspire and build trust in others.

People only want you for what they can rely on you to deliver.

Wanted: Parents who encourage their children’s sovereignty

Wanted: Bosses who acknowledge and reward your contribution appropriately.

Wanted: Sustainable products that work with ease and simplicity

Wanted: Buses that adhere to their timetable

SO what can you rely on yourself to do?

What can you not rely on yourself to do?

Punctuality has always been a challenge for me.

You can rely on me to turn up but more often late than early.

It’s our lack of self awareness that opens up a whole snake pit of fear, doubt and second guessing in our businesses and in our lives.

Businesses do not fail but the people who operate the business can fail by not playing the role they’ve agreed to.

If you’re an artist then you must produce the paintings for the show, a casting agent must produce appropriate actors, an photographer must get THE shot, a graphic designer must capture the essence in a visual language.

Learn what you can rely on yourself to do. Then DO THAT.

If you are an artist you’re unlikely the best gallerist

If you’re an actor you’re unlikely the best agent, If you’re a photographer you’re unlikely the best stylist or art director, If you’re a graphic designer you may not be the best account manager.

Know what you’re great at. Lead from there? What skills, passions and experiences have you been cultivating?

What do others ask you to do?

You see you may be your best friend, but not your best salesperson, You may be your best counsel, but not your best promoter

The rub is you have to learn to trust your gifts and your gravitational pull so you can trust yourself to say YES to what you most want.

And before you trust yourself

you won’t actually trust anyone else.

For sure, you’ll say you do something

even your actions will lean in that direction

but you will always have one eye on the exit sign

the one that is fiercely illuminated

when all others lights have gone out.

So how do you learn to trust yourself?

First you have to be willing to know and own all of yourself.

Know where you’ll hold, where you’ll fold

where you’ll falter and where you’ll push.

As Yogi Bhajan says ‘Between your strengths and your weaknesses is you.’

Knowing yourself is deep work in a superficial world but it’s the only way to future proof you emotionally. physically, financially and spiritually

You will learn you can rely on yourself but also you will be relied on, because, you will be your word.

You will know your Yes’ and your Nos, and no one will doubt them because you don’t.

What can you rely on you for? What can your clients, bosses rely on you for? Your partner, family, friends?

This is your brand. This is your delivery on promise.

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