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The Persimmon Place


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity



Family, farming and fruit, The Persimmon Place operates from the site of the original Waddell’s Orchard which has existed since 1889 when it was established as a citrus growing orchard. 

Warren Wadell a fifth generation farmer also brings a career in hospitality with a vision to create a sophisticated and multi-faceted farmgate experience.

The persimmon is little known in Australia and a delicacy among the Koreans who delight in walking through the orchards.


It’s said that flowers is nature’s way of showing off.
Offering a gorgeous palette, beautiful fruit and a strong brand name made this brand identity a walk in the orchard. I matched it with clean contemporary type that would work as well on a road sign, a jam jar, and labels of all shapes and sizes. Every brand application and touchpoint comes with its own creative possibilities and challenges. The brand strategy will be implemented in phases as the business evolves and the vision is realised.

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