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Ask for everything. Expect nothing.

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via Pinterest

We often don’t ask for what we want because we don’t want a big fat NO, or judgement at our audacity to think we deserve, or just the plain old fear of failing.

I recall my nephew when he was very young being very shy about asking for something. He was not a demanding child then, or now. He whispered his request nervously twisting around on one foot, as though he expected the answer would be a very loaded NO.

I bent down to his height and said, ‘Please never be afraid to ask for what you want. The answer will be yes or no, for a whole raft of reasons but it’s always, always, always ok to ask.’

Can you ask for exactly what you want and expect nothing, while holding the vision for what it is you want?

There is a belief that when we practice

non attachment (expecting nothing)

we have to let go of everything.

In a logical and reasoning brain sense we do,

while at the same time

we become more involved, more present

It’s in the letting go of the outcome

while being so fully immersed in the experience:

the past falls away,

the future does not exist,

only the now.

Doubt, pain and suffering fall away

to give way for confidence, trust and flow.

We respond from our inner knowing.

We step into the slipstream.

We forget what we don’t know, and

we just do.

We remember what we do know and

we just do.

We rely on our senses.

Our actions are inherently aligned with our soul’s journey

instinctively moving towards with our vision

not clinging to the particulars, but embodied.

This is where ease and grace lives

and suddenly we notice, we are where we need to be

having created exactly what we need, right now.

I want more of this don’t you?

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