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Big picture time – Full Moon in Sagittarius

Earth, Solar System

Earth, Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This full moon is asking us to open the zoom lens and take a bird’s eye view Ask big questions and look for the answers with the most meaning And ask again.

This is a curious and optimistic full moon Fly up high and take a fresh perspective. What is possible?

What can we imagine outside the square, imagine if we suspended our limited beliefs, if we rested our usual neural pathways if we silenced our doubting Thomas’

Can imagine something entirely new that clears new territory, that forges new ground.

Spend time checking in with yourself, be watchful for inspiration for dots not previously connected or surprising directions.

Are you here to just enjoy the ride? or Add something to the adventure that makes it better for everyone.

Sagittarius is ruled by Juptier. who seeks meaningful experiences and the courage and freedom to claim them.

The full moon falls tomorrow at 2.22pm in Sydney which makes it early am in Europe and late evening in the US.

Spend the weekend dreaming and scheming. Break out the paper and coloured pens. Mind map with wild abandon.

Ask what and why. Suspend ‘how’ until next week. If the why is big enough. The how will show itself, one step at a time.

Start and the way will clear.

So do the ritual. You can find it here. Make the time sacred, hang out with it. Let the ideas flow and let them tarry, for now

Enjoy, share and do let me know how you go. After all we’re all in this together.

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