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Blooming strength

Updated: Jan 13, 2023


7.January.2023 @ 10:07 AEST

To be raw is real,

To be open is to be courageous.

To be vulnerable is to be brave.

You turned out to be stronger than

you could ever have imagined.

Your heart is a garden and, within it bloomed strength.

In Tantric numerology this year is a number 7. Cancer occurs in the 7th month of the gregorian calendar. The 7th body is your aura. It’s your magnetic field, your projection of what people feel before they even see you.

Liberation is the salve and the salsa we are seeking as we enter 2023...

The overall number for this year is a 7 (2+0+2+3 =7), and number 7 seeks to elevate itself above the noise and chaos of the world. There is no freedom without discipline, no discipline without devotion, no devotion without surrender and no surrender without courage. Coeur is the french word for wholehearted. To be wholehearted means to show up with your whole self, your beauty and your scars, your fears and your fortitude. What will you stand for? What are your standards? What do you value? What will you fight for?

Seven, holds its own centre in a more calm and contemplative way, discerning what matters and removing itself from all circumstances and situations that play havoc with its energy and doesn’t deserve its attention.

Number 7 represents the Aura, the electromagnetic field surrounding the body which magnetises or repels. We want, need and desire to preserve the frequency and grace of our energetic field, as it is our force field and one of our strengths to maintain our equilibrium in the world. We need tools and practices to do this. Have you heard me mention daily practice :-)

Today’s full moon is in Cancer. Cancer is the mother, lineage, what we nurture and where we feel secure and safe in the world.

The moon is our emotional body and when that’s out of balance you can be in Fort Knox watching your billions multiply and feel antsy, unsettled, dissatified.

Full moon’s bring to fruition whatever it was, that we were intended or focusing on when the New Moon in that same sign occurred 6 months earlier - consciously or unconsciously. Think back or track through your journal, diary, messages or emails what was current for you then.

This New Moon wants you to assure you its time to be raw, naked and to lay down your weapons and armour as you enter into a new phase of heart opening and love.

It’s hard to show who you really are when you feel you have to defend yourself; yet that’s your mission in this life, to be the most fully expressed version of the beautiful complex being that is you - yes with all your strengths and weaknesses, features and flaws, eccentricities and experiences, nuance and nerdiness. Yep! Fly your freak flag.

In my experience the stuff you try to hide is seen anyway and the more you own it, the more you become your own force of nature.

The irony is, when you own you, others accept you more, even those from whom you fear rejection the most - partners, parents, siblings, family. You had good reason to hide your ‘shadow bits’ when you were a child; your survival depended on it. You know those aspects that got you rejected, punished, ridiculed or excluded. Naughty step anyone?

Yet they are what makes you YOU. This full moon says its your job to make you feel safe and nurture those parts of you that need compassion, love and care.

You can release those fears, stories, beliefs to the white light right now. You don't need them and they're likely not working for you anymore. You're in charge of you now.

We all just want to be seen and accepted for who we are and sweet divine mother of God the lengths we go to do that are just plain funny when you get this. How often have you given yourself away for love, for money, for connection?

Everything is relationship so the more we do accept ourselves the more easily it is for others to do that for you too.

Imagine who you could be and what you could do in that world :-)

How would you show up to lead your life: family, work, partnership, finances, friendships, sex, pleasure, play ….

And of course, Cancer Full Moon comes hot on the most intense family time, your family who designed and built your nuclear hot buttons, so it’s fair to suggest you might be feeling a little fried depending on the level of your own acceptance, and how much fun they had testing if those triggers were still active or you’ve dealt with your nuclear waste:-) And here’s the sting - there are always more layers to be peeled and healed so be super, super kind and compassionate firstly to yourself and then to others during these days.

This is called a wolf moon. Those guys have no shame about howling at night. I went to Luna Park (aka screaming fear) with my nephews the other day and got all my howling out on the sledgehammer and big dipper.

We all need people who see and feel our magic before we are willing to own it and show up with it. First it's an idea, then we needs tools and practice. This is why I am so passionate about mentoring. I have a few 1:1 spots open this month. Book a discovery call if you’re ready to design your life so it works for you. Perfect for you if you’re transitioning into a new phase, level or cycle of life, work or love. Here's what others say

Until soon

Love always

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