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GEMINI FULL MOON 15:38 AEST 08.DECEMBER.2022 Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you. Rumi Gemini, las gemelas, the twins, the finite and the infinite, the partners. With Gemini there are always at least two sides to the story. It’s like looking in the mirror and talking back to yourself, but it could well be a hall of mirrors with a multiverse of opinions and narratives being offered all at once. As the final full moon of 2022 it’s a perfect time for some reflection on the narratives we weave and choose what’s ready for blossoming and what’s best in the compost heap. KEEP UP! is a Kundalini mantra and the trickster Gemini mind moves at quite the pace. An old boyfriend used to say not all rogues are Ryans (his surname) but all Ryans are rogues could apply here. Gemini likes to twist and turn, weave and wind as it swims on the surface. It trades in quick witted chit chat, is fast to change its minds, and being the contrarian is a game it plays but its not interested in waiting for the fall out. Gemini is rapaciously curious, mentally acuitive and feeds its impulse to share without the need to edit before regurgitation. There’s little discernment about whether it’s news or gossip and if we elevate this to a collective level - what news leak might now rise above the swamp of noise!!! In Greek mythology, Gemini's ruler was Hermes (the Romans called him Mercury, the son of Zeus and Maia). He was the messenger of the gods and the winged mediator between the realm of the dead and the kingdom of the living. Right now your dreams might feel more tangible as Mercury travels between the multiverses weaving the messages of the soul and subconscious. It would be smart to schedule more time in meditation to open your channel and access your meditative mind. I’ve been divining dreams and excavating memories, scars and wounds for days now. Remember, anything that comes into our awareness can be healed. Think back to your intentions on the New Moon in Gemini (May 30th) for what intentions you set then. Full Moons bring New Moon energy to fullness. It’s now time to harvest those intentions and watch closely where they may be leading you. There are clues everywhere once you tune into the subtleties. So what happens when the Full Moon in Gemini is an exact conjunct to retrograde Mars who in its 2 year circuit of the zodiac is spending 7 months of it in Gemini? It’s calling for action and ….. with its trine to Saturn, it is calling for discerning, strategic, humble and aligned action. Could you entertain that we are all but channels for the divine despite what your ego might tell you. Let your work come through you recognising the interconnection and interdependence of all things. What is it you want to make real - a relationship, a new home, a new book, a tree or sea change? This is a great time to make the first move even if you have to wait a few months to really act on it. Begin ensuring it is in alignment with your soul’s journey, your dreams, your vision not something co-opted from your parents, peers or other peeps who say ‘take my advice I’m not using it anyway.’ What can I say but this is a great time to lean into visioning - a natal chart shows your birth blueprint - the question then is, what will you do with it - what possibilities and potential could you imagine. Book a session and learn how to align with your natural gifts and talents (and seduce those weaknesses into frenemies :-), and apply your skills and experiences to design a life you love to live in as you build the world you are proud to grow into. PS - Don’t forget to put your crystals out for a moon bath

PS2 - And I’m doing a series of 3 workshops in February to help you breathe more of you into your life + work. Find out more here

Until soon happy full moon bathing Love all ways x

Eilish xx

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