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Can you trust yourself?

Imagine being able to make any decision after just 9 seconds

Imagine not second guessing yourself or beating yourself up

about the call you’ve just made,

the email you’ve just sent.

Or, in the case of the global CEO,

the strategy you’ve just signed off on.

For parents, the school you’ve chosen for your kids, or

the mortgage you’ve just signed.

For those of you dating,

the text you just sent, or the declaration of love you’ve just made.

Just imagine all that time you’ve spent

on all the possible things that could happen, that could go wrong rather than go right.

That’s the stuff that keeps you awake nights,

eventually makes you grey, bald, fat, skinny,

and as more and more research tells us

makes us stressed, sick, sad, anxious and overwhelmed.

In the lineage of yoga I practice and teach

the guy who brought it to the west,

Yogi Bhajan says you should be able

to make any decision after 9 seconds

(that’s less than the time you have been reading thus far.)

because it’s enough time to move from your fight or flight brain (negative mind) or your creative problem solving brain (positive mind) to your inner knowing (neutral mind) which assesses the reality and subtlety of the situation:

And trust yourself to know you’ve

accessed all your conscious and subconscious

knowledge, wisdom and experience

to trust you’ve made the right call.

Imagine how much better

you’ve be at work, rest and play if once you decided there was no turning back.

Can I hear a battle cry of

I’ll have what she’s having.

‘I want that too.’

Well the good news is:

it’s available, accessible and you can have it too.

The bad news is you have to practice

to relearn what you already deeply know.

You see, without a daily check in,

you tune out.

Its like not listening to the news for months.

Most of the time it doesn’t matter

but then something big has happened

and you realise you hadn’t noticed

the ripples that had been hinting towards it.

For sure you think you are turning up,

you are transacting,

going through the motions

but, are you showing up

with your mind, body and spirit engaged,

ready and enthusiastic

primed and eager for action.

Curious and excited for what’s next?

The energy for the adventure.

Stepping into the unknown,

surefooted and fearless,

powerful and humble.

As Yogi Bhajan says

We all need those answers

to stay in the flow,

to keep our balance in times

of challenge, in times of chaos,

in times when we can’t understand

so we can keep our faith, our love,

our hope and our sense of humour

when all around are losing theirs.

Bottom line is you do better work,

you’re more creative,

you lead instead of following,

you’re a better client and consultant,

a better father/mother,

lover, partner, friend, sister or brother.

And as we all know life just better for everyone

when we are being our best selves

Here’s a meditation to tune into your intuition,

so you can make those decisions faster and surer.

Give yourself 3 minutes a day.

It’ll change your energy,

change your day

and little by little change your life.

Who doesn’t want to spend less time dithering

and be better at work, rest and play.

Until soon

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