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Choose. Focus. Commit.

Again and again.

It’s how you’ll get to where you say you want to go. By showing up and doing what needs to be done. Again, and again, and again. It’s where we trip up if we don’t do it.

I recall a conversation with my very cute 3 year old niece when I was explaining the use of please and thank you in the english language. (I’ve just come from Spain where you often only use it as an imperative when they’re too slow delivering the coffee you’ve ordered 🙂

She looked at me and asked ‘Why?’ As in, why do we use these words. What’s their purpose? I said it’s polite, its courteous. It’s paying respect to the person who is giving you something or from whom you are asking to receive something.

Her response which still makes me smile was ‘What’s this light stuff?’ followed but a huge exclamation in her tone that at her tender age already sound exhausted at the prospect of a lifetime of please and thank you


This equally applies to every decision we make, every intention we set, every project we take on, every relationship we enter into, every dream we want to make real.

Choose. Focus. Commit. Not just once but EVERYTIME.

It’s best to show up committed and present. It’s the only way you’ll move forward. The only way you will make progress. The only way you will learn. The only way you will realise what you are intent on creating.

Because it’s those incremental steps that reach the goals that become our projects, our relationships, our dreams.It’s the compound interest on our actions that creates our life and our dreams. Practice makes progress. Click To Tweet

In the yoga I practice Yogi Bhajan says

‘Do everything in reality, not in ritual.’

This is calling us into our presence, in the present. EVERY TIME.

It’s inspiring if you are doing the work you love, and you begin to see you are getting closer to where, what or how you want to be.

Keep your eye on your prize. Take little steps every day. Be open to opportunities and surprises. You’ll find your way.

PS My niece has grown up to be funny, gorgeous and polite 🙂

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