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Crystal of the Week – Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal

Stunning cut clear quartz pendants. I hand select these for their high vibration so they are not only beautiful but feel amazing.

Clear Quartz is the stone of clarity.

It is a wonderful energy amplifier. If ever in doubt what crystal you need.

Choose clear quartz.

It carries any energy easily. It reflects and amplifies any energy it is exposed to.

It is one of the purest and most versatile forms, carrying a high and clean reflection of Mother Earth’s energy. It carries memories and records of the Earth’s experiences. It has been used by ancients as a receptacle of knowledge and secrets.

Clear Quartz has been used to help achieve a clear and balanced mind and energy.

Its high vibration helps cut through any mental fog or clear any dark and dense energy.

Here’s a short meditation to do with a clear quartz crystal. Hold it in your left hand, feet planted firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and focus on your pineal gland (top of your head) Just sit here for a few minutes (even a few moments) Notice how your energy shifts.

Now to move it a little further, focus on a single thought and you will program or infuse the crystal with this prayer It has now become a constant prayer generator. It will carry the essence of your prayer long after you have put it down, and all day long as you move on with your day. Come back to it daily for a period of time if you wish to. Remember your prayer and believe it is done. Now let it go and see what happens.

Clear Quartz reminds us we have this wonderful gift of living in human form while holding the vibration of spirit.

How cool is that?

Clear Quartz asks you to get clear so the Universe can answer your prayers.

Maybe you are sending mixed messages. Maybe you want conflicting things – to live in a city with the peace and tranquility of nature, to have children while having a demanding career

It’s time to choose and declare that choice to the Universe.

Call upon its energy to help you become clear about the choices you are facing. It is only through clarity of thought that your creations can become real in the material world.

Clear Quartz is telling us that the answers to our questions are imminent. Open to the Diviine light and allow a deeper understanding of your path and let your future unfold.

Clear quartz can balance, clean and energise any of the chakras. It is especially tuned to the third eye and the crown chakra giving you access to clarity and focus.

Chakra All

Affirmation I am clear in my thought, actions and desire. I reflect the clarity of the Divine mind.

Some questions

What choices are you facing in your life right now?

What is it you wish to create in your life more than anything else for your highest good and the highest good of all?

What are your fears in making this choice?

Are they real or imagined?

What choice will serve your greatest growth and your highest self?

How do you want to feel when this is in your life?

The best conversations happen in the blog. See you over there. Have a great week

PS Also check out my Visualisation in Action workshop which is about moving forward and getting into action. We are here to co create with the Universe The full moon is on Friday. I will post the Full Moon ritual It’s a great time to complete and let go what no longer serving you.

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