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Desire is delicious

Full Moon in Aries 10.October.2022 07.55 AEST 09.October 16:55 EST

‘I am in you and I am you. No one can understand this until he has lost his mind.’ Rumi

A fire fuelled blood moon conjunct the healer Chiron. In fairness you couldn’t expect it to not pack a punch.

Watch your words for they create your world.

In the zodiacal wheel Aries for whom ‘I am’ is a complete sentence and Libra*, whose mantra is ‘I relate’ - who does nothing without considering others.

These two oppose each other.

They move us from ‘I’ to we.

If you consider the zodiacal wheel as an incrementally compounding path, a journey from independence to interdependence, the isolation of separateness to oneness, the ego system to the ecosystem, you’ll begin to see why I keep saying that relationship is everything.

Breathe that in for a moment, relationship is everything, the one you are having with your body, your boss, coffee, children, job title, partner, money, status, home, food, learning, shoes, sex, the planet ….

This chiron conjunct Aries Full Moon is reminding you, you are not meant to heal your wounds (though many spend their entire lives licking their regrets in the hope of erasing their past).

Our wounds are gifts that teach us compassion, and show us where our weaknesses and vulnerability lies.

Chiron was a healer and could not heal his own wounds. He asked for mortality to spare himself the pain but of course every mortal has wounds :-)

Could this intimacy with our vulnerability help us better claim our sovereignty as we create deeper, more honest connections with ourselves and others?

From Aries to Virgo, we experience the evolution of the self; Libra introduces the other, the partner, and relationships to expand and mirror our perspective. Libra equips and prepares us with some social diplomacy before the penetrating and provocative glare of Scorpio’s psychosexual power plays en route to the Piscean collective ego dissolution.

Pure desire is Aries domain and the dance between owning them and realising them is the human experience in its rawest and most refined expression. As desire comes naturally to Aries, the child of the zodiac it rushes towards them unfettered and unafraid of the consequences. And if that incremental journey from Aries to Libra is building successfully, we are able to freely express them in connection seeking Libra without fear of rejection or judgement.

Will those with whom we are in relationship grant our every or wildest desire, likely not but that is not the point?

The point is owning who you are and what you really, really want.

There’s history and hierarchy here: needs are basic stuff, desire is deep: it turns you on even if it has been declared taboo, forbidden or outlawed. It’s personal, specific, exciting, vitalising, magnetic and deliciously expansive. It’s an offering to others and an invitation to declare their own.

Keeping them under raps diminishes and dries you up. Esther Perel reminds us that eros and domesticity are incompatible bedfellows:-) And the man who has lived not 50 years but the same one 50 times is suffering a little dehydration too.

Desire is sexy and evocative. It’s revelatory and risky. We want to be desired and we want others when they are desirous. There’s a tension in this Aries Libra polarity that’s generous and invitational. Could it too be dynamic and synchronous?

Relationships are mirrors what we love in another, is within ourselves, what pisses us right off is not too far away either. Could you use this full moon to declare your desires, however weird, wild, silly and audacious they are?

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