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#01 Discipline of Freedom Podcast

Updated: Jul 13

I've started a podcast

This is the very first episode is want to give you some idea of what to expect.

First let's define what discipline of freedom means and why I am qualified to talk about it.

Let's define success My definition of success is the freedom to be able to choose how you spend your time. Now to be able to choose how you spend your time, you need resources, part of which is money, to cover your living expenses and a cushion of cash on the side 'cos life tends to be unpredictable . And also be building a cushion of cash and investments to become a benefactor of your future self. Success will differ greatly for everyone, depending on where you live or the commitments, you need to honor., what you value and the lifestyle you choose. What we'll explore here is how you can use the discipline of freedom to create your own spiral of success.

Discipline Now discipline is a word that often scares people off. They think of school or some authority figure who is usually pretty stern, finger pointing and often it meant you were in trouble for breaking some trivial rule or other. Well,the real meaning of discipline is just to be a disciple - a follower of something, anything: philosophy, an exercise routine. You get to choose what it is you will follow and show up for and it can change. But if you're smart, you're following some discipline, that moves the needle forward for you that provides momentum to move you in the direction you want to go in your life, relationships, your work, bank account and your impact, on your way to creating your legacy. Now nothing great was ever achieved without focus. And there can be no discipline without prioritizing one thing over another, which brings us to decisions, commitment,and discernment, which we will delve into to decide what you'll focus on to create your spiral of success.

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