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Dissolve to dream

Everything is a mirror. The full moon's job is to illuminate all that is hidden.

We can spend our entire lives chasing other peoples' dreams.

The Mars square is the most challenging aspect to this full moon, which means it's not an energy that sits comfortably. Use it restlessness to get really clear about your deepest desires.

Where we risk shows what we value.

Divine your dreams to cultivate and declare your deepest needs and purest desires.

Leave the wants to the wannabees. Wants are 'things' and experiences that satiate us momentarily but have no lasting fulfillment like a passionate one night stand, a job title, new car. There will always be more.

In direct opposition to the archetype of Virgo, the moon is fully illuminated in the sign of Pisces. What is it showing us?

Between the rational and practical, dreams and illusions dance to find bountiful and beautiful expressions.

Energy between these opposing forces creates a magical dance as they wrestle for a solution. Tension creates magnetism.

Without practicality your dreams remain in the ether.

Without dreaming life loses its elan and nobility.

Like all polarities the magic emerges in the tension, through dissolving into each other, the push pull of testing their extremes to emerge in the sweet equilibrium of their integrated power. We need both, a secure stable space to enter into conversation with our fears and vulnerability and the boldness to explore beyond our own limitations.

We can find our own way through to emerge revitalised, and more rooted in reality.

Virgo season gets off on daily practice - health, habits, organisation. It wants to liberate unnecessary drudgery, so you can contribute your unique offerings in service of others.

Pursuing that theme, the journey to the full moon will always reveal where you are resisting and where you are in flow. And there's always more to surrender.

Resistance has many guises.

Believing thoughts as being facts is one form. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is another. Being too attached to the outcome yet another. Fighting with reality counts too.

Specific Virgoan themes are perfectionism, control, rigidity.

Always choose your joy. Where's the intersection between being able to putting your hand on something and being directed by the gravitational pull of your declared needs and desires.

While the sun remains in Virgo, the Full Moon is in Pisces, returning us to the planet Neptune, and the dissolution of all boundaries.

Can you see the polarity with Virgo's instinct to control.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac so it contains the energies, experiences and wisdom of all the others. It wants to dream a new reality into being to expand our experiences for the next revolution of the zodiac.

It imagines a reality we cannot yet know, because it doesn’t yet exist in our material world.

As Einstein reminds us, imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge limits us to what we already know and have experienced.

Imagination opens us up to all possibility, wonder and potential.

Design thinking wants us to divine and discover the problem worth solving.

We all see the world differently and experience truth and beauty in our own unique way which directs what we will see that is worth solving.

It takes this Pisces Virgo polarity to dive deep into your distractions and confusions to mine the depths of your subconscious, to imagine beyond the physical realms, what that problem actually is. There’ll be plenty of time for the details later.

Let your dream drive you.

Let your dream be your block of marble, slowly and surely revealing your David.

Fall in love with the magic of the mystery.

Embrace the adventure of carving your own path.

Virgo wants you to move towards the dream you imagined in Pisces season. Mercury has just gone retrograde inviting you to deeper discernment.

It wants you to notice and feel the blessings of all your worldly and other worldly resources, so you can feel bold enough to take care of your needs so you can co-create your desires in service of the greater good.

It’s an excellent offer will you be taking the opportunity?

Now there's always challenges and Mars squaring the moon is the most obvious right now but let's not forget all these planets are in retrograde Mercury (Sept 10 - Oct 2), Jupiter (July 29 - Nov 24), Saturn (June 5 - Oct 23), Chiron (July 19 - Dec 23), Uranus (Aug 24- Jan 23, 2023), Neptune (June 28 - Dec 4), Pluto (Apr 30 - Oct 9). Retrogrades ask us to play closer attention to the energies. It doesn't mean freak out just notice more attentively.

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