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Envisioning a new pathway. Practical projection.

new moon in virgo 2.2016

A New Moon is in Virgo, the powerful Virgin calls for us to envision a new pathway in a practical and realistic way.

There is a solar eclipse which will amplify this energy so expect what you do now to impact the next 6 months.

Consciously intend your way forward. Consciously intend what you wish to see manifest.

Be aware of your thoughts, words and actions over the next days. Thoughts as Mike Dooley tells us becomes things.

Upgrade your thinking and you upgrade your life. Upgrade your standards and you upgrade your life.

Mercury went retrograde on August 30th emphasising conscious communication and the challenges you confront when you do not speak your truth or clearly ask for what you need, want and desire.

Mercury is making a habit of going retrograde in Earth signs. which is all about practicality, resilience, dependability, structure, and material, financial and spiritual resources. Mind, body and spirit all come into practical play here. Virgo likes things neat and anal. It’s a sucker for a Kikki.k office with everything in its place all colour coded with all the ‘t’s crossed and the ‘i’s dotted.

The opportunity of a Mercury retrograde is reflection, refining, reshaping, redefining,. You’ve likely started already. Reflect on what you did when Mercury retrograded in Taurus. It’s time to revisit and refine that. i’m still on structure and foundations. God its tiresome and seems to be taking longer than the darkest night but I can see glimmers of light. I hope you are feeling them too.

People can tend to go a little schizo during a Mercury retrograde but remember the power is within. The planet is simply shining its light.

Your job is to tune into the cosmic energies, align with their flow and take positive action in harmony with them.

This is the entire work of a daily practice. Intention. Action. Reflection. Working with the Moon in relationship to the Sun provides a natural and dare I say elegant framework to track and measure your evolution: as you create your vision and take action towards it.

Working in harmony with the cosmic energies brings your vision towards you at greater speed and with a much gentler grace. Why would you do it any other way?

So back to Virgo whose life work is your purity and graceful purpose with efficiency, productivity, skills, daily routine, timeliness, health, cleanliness, and organization. Do I need to say it again? It’s all about getting your ducks lined up so the mess doesn’t distract from the real business of the day which is using your unique gifts and skills in service to others while they all support you.

We are close to completion of the Saturn-Neptune Square  9.9.2016 = a triple 9.

This is a loud neon sign for completion of one cycle which means another is beginning and you want to do that with a clean slate This square has been lurking since last November. It has been all about patience and practice, slowing down, keeping an open mind; letting things unfold rather than jumping to conclusions and rushing where fools would fear to tread.

Neptune is about illusion, dreams and creativity but often without clarity and can lean towards idyllic in that rose coloured glasses way.

Saturn is the master teacher who won’t be having any of that. It teaches clear boundaries, working within the system and doing the right things, the right way at the right time. It shows us the rewards or consequences of actions.

Virgo, I’ll say it again is an earth sign. Is shows your structure and its impact on others. This aspect has been teaching us to not only go slow, but it has also been helping us to rework, reorganise and revitalise our beliefs, our values,

who we are being and who we are becoming.

So what’s screaming at you to change? What’s glaringly obvious that no longer works? What path is illuminating your way?

What do you need to stop doing? Who do you need to wish well and send them on their way? Who do you need to invite a little closer? What do you need to spend time refining? What do you need to complete and file away?

I’ve put together a Conscious Creation Challenge for this New Moon to Full Moon cycle, September 1 to September 16 so you can get up close and personal with your relationship to landing your needs, wants and desires in your lap. Click here to join.

It’s my gift to you to walk a new path, to consciously create it ‘You make the path by walking it’.

To intend and act, to reflect and refine, to observe and notice.

It’s a fast, easy and effective daily practice.

First you’ll set your intention (and wouldn’t you be doing that anyway?) then each day you’ll get rise, pee and meditate for 3 minutes, as you sit with your intention.

You’ll write it down every day. You’ll get on with your day. You’ll reflect for a moment or two at the end of the day.

Join here or find the ritual here

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