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Sequencing your sure path to prosperity

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

We all want happiness, wealth, health, love in all its flavours, peace, laughter and joy. Not too much to ask from a life lived with good humour but we often focus too much on one of these things to the woeful neglect of the others.

Many believe that financial wealth will take care of the others so they invest their time, energy and resources cultivating external success; and later discover they still feel empty inside and some on the way to financial freedom may have neglected and lost their families, friendships, health and wellbeing.

Oh dear, were they not on the to do list too!

On the path to true prosperity all areas require attention, some more than others at different times and like any good game, sequence is important. I've made a video for you to propose why.

Watch and wonder.....

Iris image by Xuan Nguyan

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