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Feel it all. Feel good with it all.

Taurus is a sensual sign, it’s earthly, grounded. It wants to touch and feel all the sensual pleasues. It wants to have all this earthly world offers It wants to enjoy them all.

Scorpio dives deep unsatisfied until it uncovers what lies beneath. Deep truths, dark secrets are its domain. Taurus is less concerned with those. Taurus knows you still have to show up and get on with it. Be present. Be here. There is only now.

The last week has seen so much reactionary horror at the election of Trump.

My sense is he is needed right now, to show us all who it is we do not want to become. He is wonderful in his vulgar showiness. He is striking in his misogyny. He is entertaining in his appalling naivety. It’s incredulous he could be so smug, so awful, be so upfront and ugly. He feels like the relative we’re ashamed of, the unpredictable one, the unrelenting, blurt it all out one. For sure he’s our shadow and its time to air our dirty laundry. If Hillary had won, it would have been more of the same. The same blame game. Obama hit the nail on the head when he said she doesn’t quit. My take is she doesn’t know when or how. She doesn’t represent me anymore than Trump. And yet now the show must go on. We have no idea what changes he will bring. We can speculate and ruminate but the future is not ours to know.

It is ours to create if we have the courage, the motivation and the will to see it through.

What do you imagine your future could be, What would you like to it to be.

In these uncertain times remember that anything is possible so what would be like to make probable. I’m running a new version of my Visualisation in Action workshop over the next few months.

You’ll love this if you have a big idea you want to make real next year. Or just want to be sure you’re making progress and not living the same year again:-)

Email me and let me know. It’s an expression of interest, it’s not a sign my life away moment (that might come during the workshop:-)

So enough future tripping back to now. Back to what’s around you, around us.

Tell me in the comments what you need to learn, what you really really love to do, what lights you up.

Do share as afterall we are all in this together.


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