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Flipping fun at design!

A new Facebook game from the Design Museum, lets you flip design classics such as Jasper Morrison’s Air Chair, or the Barack Obama 2008 Campaign poster, into a three-sided goal.


Badoiiing is an online version of the Slick Shooter game that was invented by a team of Walworth Academy pupils as the winner in the Design Museum’s Design Ventura scheme. Tiddliwinks-inspired Slick Shooter has been updated by digital consultancy Twentysix for online version Badoiiing.

Flip a Gehry’s wiggle chair or the first iMac

You have sixty seconds to fire a host of iconic designs into the goal.

Don’t get distracted by the descriptions that accompany each design or the boos (you could turn the sound off:-) when you miss.

My top score is 9. (took me 4 attempts and only got it once:-) What’s yours?

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