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Full Blood Moon in Aries – Me and We, Harmony in Action

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

This full moon comes with an eclipse (Earth passes between sun and moon) It’s also a harvest moon (closest to Autumn Equinox) which means it will appears larger inthe sky. And it’s Aries which means there’ll be no shortage of energy so expect to feel this full moon intensely though it’s likely too late to be telling you that anyway:-)

I’ve had a week where I’ve been pushed and shoved. I’ve resisted, dug my heels in. Claimed I was right – more than once:-) But I was met a force not unlike me pushing back. There’s been miscommunication. A battle of wills. I dug my heels in. Welcome to the power struggle Determined, dismissive and argumentive. It’s been a long while since. I’ve witnessed myself like this, Come up against a power like this. I know I’ve been asking for it but it rocked my world. And I allowed my world to be rocked. It shook me up and made me question everything. It became clear I wasn’t going to have it all my own way. It became clear I hadn’t been completely clear or entirely true. And was being called to feel the consequences. Oh the painful honest insights 🙂 I had to decide what was important: being right or being true. I chose the latter. I saw how I can sit on the sidelines, looking like I’m on the playing field. Signed up to the team. Doing all the actions. But always with an eye on the exit sign That aspect came in full sight. Awareness is the first step to change. And this full moon is a battle cry to action. With courage, with strength of will. It can bring cataclysmic change You know you need it:-) No one is living a truly authentic life So …..

What is the moon shining light on That needs a death by fire to fully transform The confusion, to truly let go of those Spiraling habits that keep you stuck In actions that are against your best interest, your growth and evolution. What words, phrases and manipulations Do you hide behind

As Sarah varcas suggests Coinciding with an eclipse, this Moon indicates a time of deep insight when we can perceive with greater clarity just how constrained we are and how unconscious reactivity keeps us confined.

Mercury is still in retrograde in Libra So coupled with the eclipse be extra sensitive With communication. Truths will be exposed but also be aware that truth can only be to the level of awareness we have or others have. It changes as we gain new insights. There is no one truth.

If sparks fly try to keep a part of you the observer There might be sudden flashes of insight That brings new light to old stories Stories that are ready to be released.

We are reminded once more Security is an illusion The courage we require now is to fully admit we have no idea what the future brings While stepping wholeheartedly towards it This requires trusting your inner knowing. Logic alone can no longer prevail. We need to create together knowing it is in our collective gifts and collaboration connections that we can build it together For each other’s greater good.

The beginning of a global response to the refugee crisis is a sign of this. Great article in the Australian yesterday about the Popes visit to the US tells of a man deeply Aware of the need for revisiting our sense immigration, compassion, community: love for human beings of all flavours. We can no longer afford the luxury of them and us There is only we and what are we going to do To make this world a better place for all of us.

That’s what this full moon is asking you How can you create deep harmony in Resonance with your daily actions, Small steps and moving towards your larger becoming

Here’s the ritual Enjoy

We’ve seen tony about ousted here in Australia He was trying his best but it’s fell awfully short I’ve long said Malcolm is the only statesman here The only one with a global view and really a libertarian more than just a liberal He has a shot a few years ago but It seemed his ego got the better of him I feel and hope like us all he’s learned some lessons That’s it more important to be inclusive than right Courageous than in parliament Already we see Australia taking a different stance in Syria It looks like a wiser one

So much change is afoot and it will continue Can you step into it’s flow and let it wash around you While being in it’s current and moving with it? Feeling into it’s pulse and merging with it This is the new guard It’s the exhilaration of the best adventure ride That demands your presence and glee While it delivers new twists and turns There is no danger while you ride with it There is grace and ease and care If you can allow it and be with it

Next week is the inaugural Australian Kundalini Yoga Festival At beautiful Broken Bay I’ll be there receiving you, yogaing and launching my new Daily gems collection. Love to see you there Until next time, please share because afterall we’re all in this together

X Eilish

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