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Full Moon in Aquarius

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What would you be willing to throw away, give up, release, discard to feel lighter today and beyond?

Check out mysticmamma for the full low down Sarah Varcas an astrologer I love says

‘As such, a lunar eclipse signals the need to be gentle with each other and ourselves. To recognize that the human life can be intensely challenging and we can help ease some of that angst simply by the ways we treat each other.’

It’s all about relationships, primarily the one we have with ourselves but those around us reflect back where we are running to stand still, what we’re still clinging to, and what we are hiding from ourselves.

Cathy Pagano channels

‘All eclipses help us shift our reality. The light and energy of the Sun is blocked out from the Moon by the Earth, disrupting and then re-aligning energies. This eclipse asks, how can we let our Leo leadership abilities, our creativity and our bravery shine out to add to, not take away from, the Aquarius group mind? I like to think of Aquarius as The Round Table where we all sit as equals, and this eclipse tells us to stop being afraid to let ourselves shine out, especially when we’re with our group. So let your Lioness roar and call out to your group. The roars from your pride will come back to you. And then let your group—your pride—support you.’

The approach to the Full Moon is always the most intense time in the cycle as more light is cast on our shadow selves. It’s out resistance to change, our resistance to seeing we’re not all ‘noice’.

We’re always evolving, growing and changing and that requires a constant process of letting go what’s no longer useful. You are not who you were yesterday or 10 years aog. Come back to present time. What do you need today that will be useful to get tomorrow? 

Here’s a ritual. Do it in nature if you can. It’ll take about 10 minutes or as long as you have 🙂 Full moons are a great time for an epsom salt bath. Enjoy

Let it go. Open to ease. x

Download my 2017 Moon Planner for the Northern hemisphere here. If you’re a down under, there’s a southern hemisphere version here.

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