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Full Moon in Leo

I am sitting under a mosquito net in Goa as I write this.

I have just spent the week at the firstetreat with the lovely Katie Holland and Louisa Darling of Barefoot Retreats. I did a crystal workshop and have been working with some others on Visualization in Action. 

This full moon is in Leo which is all about relationships. I have a full dose of this for the past couple of weeks as I have been traveling with one group and immersed in another. This is unusual for me as I never do groups. This time I have had them back to back and they couldn’t have been more different. One a group of Irish artists and the others belly dancing and yogis from the midlands in England. I’ve been learning a new language from the English people. I’ve met my first person who says ‘duck’ in person when addressing another.  And all of this in India too. Could it be more surreal?

Could I have better preparation for a full moon in Leo where relationships of all kind are front and centre and relationships are of course always about our relationship with ourselves and then the world.

Mystic Mama puts it beautifully here

‘Saturn is in a T-square to the Sun and the Moon. This is about balance. Creating balance in you is the key to a successful life. Balance in your male and female energy. Having life/work balance creates inner peace. You are in the flow of life. Giving and receiving in a balanced way. You want a ROI (return on investment) of your time, energy and money. You take action when it is appropriate. You wait to allow others to step up and play their role in the relationship.  You do not fix, save or rescue other people. You help others through role modeling the best version of you.’

Sarah Varcas once more hits it on the head here. 

“Relationships are one of the thorniest issues we have to face as human beings. As such they often form the bedrock of our personal and spiritual growth: how we manage them and ourselves within them; how we honour the other even as we stand up for ourselves; how we recognise difference whilst still finding enough common ground upon which to build a meaningful connection….

“When we become so busy with our own perspective, peddling our own view of the world, we can all too easily lose sight of the fact that the person we perceive as a threat or challenge to that is actually feeling pretty much the same way we are: a bit stressed out, misunderstood, threatened or just plain old unfairly criticised!

“Every situation, no matter how straight-forwardly black and white it may appear, is in fact full of paradox, ambivalence and contradiction. The better able we are to recognise that and accept these things as part of the human condition, the better we can embrace the complexities of human interaction and still come out with something meaningful, positive and productive.

“It may mean we need to apologise, or change our communication style. It may mean we need to speak up more or hold our tongue for a while. It may mean we suddenly realise our part in a problem we deemed solely the creation of someone else. Whatever it means, this Full Moon presents us with an opportunity to reset relationships which may be causing us some stress, or at least see them in a different light and from a new perspective

Comms are woeful here so I won’t tempt fate here by writing more. Enjoy the ritual and let me know how you go, after all we’re all in this together. See you next New Moon.



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