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Full Moon in Sagittarius, Blue Moon – Deepest Truth

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via Pinterest

When we were kids if my Mum suspected we were telling her a story, a white lie she would ask us to stick out our tongue to see if there was a black mark on it.

Of course this was tomfoolery, because clearly you can’t see your own tongue as you present it as evidence. And your willingness to present it was proof enough to my mother that we were telling the truth or not.

The innocence of babes (or lack there of if we were indeed telling a fib:-) This New Moon is testing our truth and how willing we are to own it.

Do you know yours? Or have you been telling yourself lies so effectively you are unsure anymore?

The full moon will always reveal what is hidden and there are always secrets, we keep from others and those we keep from ourselves.

We know that we must live with light and dark, that we must own our ugliness as well as our beauty, our kindness lies just on the other side of our cruelty, our laziness lounges not far from our earnest busyness. And yet we want to present like the Kardashians, like the perfect lives we project on movie stars.

On this exact note have you been listening to Beyonce’s Lemonade. It’s extraordinary and a pure example of owning all sides of everything. I bow to your courage and your raw honesty.

This moon is important. It sets the scene for the year to come and is chignon light on the past few weeks.

It is begging you to own your paradoxical nature. It is asking you to truly become who you are. It is asking you to put YOU front and centre. It is asking you to say NO if it’s not a certain YES. It is asking if it serves you first.

Sagittarius is the archer, seeing the big picture, casting sight on your vision, on who you really could be.

but remember Gemini is an air sign, the mental realm where over analysis can tie us up in knots Be discerning, separate what is illusion from reality, what is fantasy from fact. Can you tap into your soul, into your higher self, into your heart. Can you let go of your ego, while using it to get you into action. Can you let go of your spiritual ego while allowing your spirit to guide you. Can you let go of your knowing, while allowing you inner wisdom

As Osho reminds us everything we say, we do is about ourselves; not to be concerned about others, but notice our own reaction, our own response. Therein lies our learning, our truth. Can we face it, can we bear it? And the truth is when we can we open up to our greatest freedom, our greatest joy, as we learn we can be all of who we are and if we can celebrate that then the world will celebrate it with us.

How cool is that?

It bears repeating. The universe wants you just as you are, stripped of all the pretence, all the masks, all the faces you have so carefully cultivated. Just you with all your unique gifts and quirks. Just you as you.

Easy eh, and a lifetime’s work.

Now here’s the ritual. Enjoy it soaked in a bubblebath as you wash away all the noise, all the layers, all the ‘make up’. Let go and let your Goddess come out to play.

And every full moon is a time to cleanse and energise your crystals with a moon bath, and while you’re there, have one yourself with bubbles under the light of the moon.

Until soon


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