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Full Moon in Scorpio


If you know anything about Scorpio, you’ll know to make sure your gear is checked your oxygen tank is full, because its time to dive deep.

Full moons cast light on our shadow aspects and Scorpio doesn’t mess about. It likes to delve to the depths of your soul, to your essence, to your darkest recesses, like a dental pick that misses no plaque, an eagle eye that scans the darkest corners Kelly Rosano sheds some light

The Scorpio Moon is flushing out your fears. You know those inner demons that hold you back from reaching your goals. And where you need to own your power…Scorpio is a fixed sign (as Taurus is) and seeks security. Security as it is presented in our society is an illusion. Click To Tweet

Nothing is certain. Nothing is sure. So where can you find yours?

What can you release that makes you feel more centred, more peaceful and less stressed, more liberated and less obliged, more complete and less fragmented, more faithful and less doubting. Where can you declutter and simplify?

As Molly Hall reminds us

Instead of checking out, we gain soul power by withstanding, and being creative where we can, in the face of adversity. True confidence emerges when there’s nothing to fear within or without.

And don’t forget we have 4 planets in retrograde.

Mars (God of War/Action/fighting for truth, beauty and what’s right)

Jupiter (Expansion, big picture, macro to micro, big goals with daily action to make them real)

Saturn (the teacher gets us back on track when we lose our alignment with our big goals)

Pluto (deep often painful transformation by shattering the superficial to reveal the hidden gems)

These planets are slowing things down for now so we can be sure to be sure, while we surrender to what we can’t control and take action on what we can.

This all means get present, really present to what it is you want to create and who you really are warts and all and who you want to become.

I’m cool with that. It doesn’t mean I’ll be sugar and spice and all things nice because that’s what little girls are made of . . .

I’m still peddling that we are naughty and nice, vicious and kind, and until we own all of ourselves we’ll struggle with accepting (loving) ourselves and others.

It is not until we can fill ourselves with this acceptance (love) that we can be open, happy, generous and fully share with others.

It’s not until then we can move beyond seeking solace in the ridiculous control we find in our institutions: religious, government, corporations that we can embrace the magic of the world we live in

The only control we truly have is within ourselves and we often so willingly surrender it to others in exchange for the illusion of security.

This is a time for the discipline of love. The discipline of acceptance. The discipline of freedom. The discipline of faith. The discipline of dreams. The discipline of forgiveness.

We are all unique beings, trying to make our way as best we can in a world of outer and inner conflict. We must first make peace with ourselves, while acknowledging it is not a one time shot.

It is an ongoing conversation with deep recesses and multiple layers.

Opening to this inner conversation invites us to create a collective conversation, with those with whom we are in partnership, work with, live with, are in community with, share the earth with.

We all come from source and will return to it.

Can we begin to see that we are in this together and the journey is more interesting, fun, enlightened and abundant if we could imagine there is enough for all of us. If one of us wins we all win. If one of us shares, we can all benefit. The more we surrender to abundance, the more we can let go of need.

Can you hold the space of curiosity with love, rather the space of suspicion and fear? After all I know which world I want to live in. Want to join me there?

I promise I’ll still be naughty and nice. I’ve had a shocker of a week. Confrontation and withstanding and standing up all round, feeling completely lost and then found. My spiritual warrior feels like she has had a full workout.

Go on! Hit one of the social buttons and share this with your friends or frenemies. It could be just what they need to read today. Thank you for the present of your presence. My world is better with you in it.

If you fancy joining me for my yoga. We’re heading into Week 3 next Tuesday, with Building Stamina If you’d like to sign up for more put your email in the box below.

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Here’s the ritual. Enjoy.


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