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Full moon in Taurus

How the challenges continue!

There are two things that immediately come to mind with this full moon. The first is David Whyte’s The Three Marriages where he contends that anything we love will break our hearts. And while we spend much of our time trying to protect ourselves from having our hearts broken, he suggests that if we accepted that heartbreak is inevitable: we could lean into the conversation when it gets hard.

By doing this we will uncover our deep fears and face them.

By now, many of us have learned we have survived having our hearts broken. And our greatest fear is usually fear itself. If you are reading this you are still here, and likely facing forward.

This full moon is confronting us with our deeper selves. It is bringing to light some of our darkness. Taurus is about material things, money, security and pleasure (Venus rules Taurus) and asking us what is really there. Can we own it?

I have learned through my yoga practice and in other ways, it is only when we own all of ourselves, light and dark that we can truly find peace.

By facing our fears. We also learn where our power sits, and where we give it away. What we tolerate, what we resist.

Align your vision with your values. Align your goals with your grit. Working with your truth ensures your success. And it ensures you will stay your course. You can’t fail if you don’t give up.

I’m backing my dreams. I’m backing your dreams.

For God’s sake what else are we here for? And what else are we doing? or is worth doing?

So now it’s ritual time. It only take ten minutes and best done as close to the full moon as possible. It’s 03.16pm in London GMT on the Sunday the 17th. It jumps to 2.16 am on the 18th if you’re in Sydney. And it’s 7.16am on the 17th if you’re in LA, 10.16am if you in NYC. It’s cool to do 3 days either side of the above time. The important thing is to do it. Go deep and enjoy. Here’s the ritual and do tell me what comes up. As I say we’re all in this together and we all learn from each other.

A big thank you and hello to those of you I met at Avalon Market Day yesterday. Weren’t we blessed with no rain. Enjoy your jewels.

Here are the details for the crystal and kundalini workshops I am doing in the next few weeks. Love to see you there.

Saturday 30th November 2.30 – 5.30pm Qi Yoga Freshwater

Wednesday 4th December 6.30 – 9.30pm Breathing Colours Balmain

Places are limited so please book.

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