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Full (Super) Moon in Taurus – See it, Feel it, Release it.

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This full moon is about grounding change. Taurus is the grounding part and Scorpio is the 007 change agent.

While all full moons cast light on shadows this one will be ramping up the wattage. Scorpio is very happy churning the depths, to uncover what is lurking in the shadows of our souls.

Expect to be rumbled, not by anyone else, but yourself. The hardest truths to face are often the ones we keep from ourselves. Do know that whatever you discover it’s ok, We’ve all known it about you all along 🙂 You just weren’t ready to see it and we’ve got our own version of whatever it is too:-)

As I keep on saying we are all in this together. We’re all nasty and nice including all the straight skirted, twinsetted, and single strand of pearls Miss Polly Perfects out there. (not my beautiful funky pearls of course 🙂

It’s only in owning all of ourselves that we can relax and just be, our perfectly imperfect lipstick slightly askew selves. It is in owning our shadows that we find our real power. Just imagine how much freer you’ll feel when there’s no energy spent hiding those quirks of yours.

So what’s going on up there, in that beautiful and busy sky. There’s Taurus: all grounded and material. Scorpio lusting for uncovering truths, releasing and transformational rebirth. Venus (who rules Libra) is all about beauty and in Virgo opposite Chiron (wounded healer) relationships loom large particularly old wounds and self worth.

Notice what you’ve been attracting; You are your own magnet. Are your NOs and YES’ what you really want? Are you serving yourself well? Love, honour and respect begins and ends with ourselves. It’s sometimes a painful truth but true it is.

Are you getting it or are you still refusing to change? This full moon is asking all these questions. You can expect exacting pain. It will hurt. And the good news is:-) You can feel it and then release it:-) But feel it you must and own your part in creating it.

The better news is: you can do this in your relationships to finance, family, partners, mind, body and spirit.

There’s also Mars (youthful action) aligned with Venus and Jupiter (expansion) so its a good time to stock up on some self love. There’s lots of Virgo energy which speaks of service, and awareness of how the personal impacts the greater world, how living our truth with power and humility serves all. Or as Divine Harmony reports

‘Taurus is all about the embodied, material aspects of life – what we own, possess, have and hold. Scorpio – on the other hand – is about letting things go, dying to be reborn and transforming matter into something else.’

Taurus wants you to know your values, They are what makes you uniquely you. We can have aligned values with others but no one sees the world quite like we do or wants quite the version we do.

Our values create our Yes’ and NOs Knowing them and living them is the only way to build solid foundations. What do you value? Are you being living them?

It’s actually very simple. Where do you you spend your time, your energy, your money and your thinking? This is where your values lie.

If you are not living the life you want, or moving towards it then revisit your values. We cover this really clearly in Visualisation in Action

Get clear on them and then change your behaviour to be congruent with them.

Where the energy goes, life flows.

Is it true to say you value money if as soon as it hits your hands or your bank account you spend it?

Is it true to say you value your family if you never visit them, call them or mindlessly watch TV every moment you are with them?

Is it true to say you value your health if you don’t have an exercise routine, a meditation practice, get enough sleep and are careless with what you eat and drink?

Is it true to say you value your work if you complain about your job, your coworkers, your bosses your company, your salary?

Is it true to say you value your partner if you whinge about them, make faces behind their back (OMG how often do I see grown ups do this 🙂 or show them up in public?

Is it true to say you value your children if you work all the hours that God gives you and push them to be who you think they should be, or are a cranky ass when you’re with them?

And the list goes on. . . Don’t worry there’s no perfect scores residing here. I threw a temper tantrum that would rival a terrible 3 year old last week. While I was fully in it (throwing things about 🙂 I was also observing myself equally horrified at my own behaviour and also amused at how ridiculous I was being.

As Osho say it’s not about trying to improve yourself. Just be and improvement will occur When we live in our truth, the full glorious and ugly beauty of it somehow we are better for everyone.

We regain our sense of humour, acceptance of others and ourselves sits more easily, our sense of joy, of being, of happiness returns. And then magic begins to happen Life becomes sweeter even if we are still doing the same work, living in the same house, making love with the same partner. Everything changes and nothing changes, It’s like we drop the pretence after all no one really cares about what we do, what matters is who we are while we are doing it.

The irony of it all is we have so much choice and yet we are so conditioned to live in a certain way.

Are you willing, ready and able to take control of your life? To ask yourself what you really value. How you’d actually like to spend your time, your energy, your money and your thoughts and then consciously make changes to do that? You can you know

We are so privileged to live in this time of freedom, abundance, peace, awareness with unprecedented standards of living (well most of the people reading this at any rate 🙂

What are you going to do with this precious life you have? What would you like to remembered for? It’s time to take the first step towards that or discovering what it might be. This full moon is cleansing you of all the things (that you no longer need) that might be in your way. Ready, steady let go and then let’s go.

Here’s the ritual Enjoy and see you on the New Moon

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