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A Meditation Gift to Ground Solstice

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Energetic portals to open new seasons to new experiences

Happy Solstice whether you're experiencing long summer days or short winter ones.

Today the sun reaches its peak in the Northern hemisphere and its lowest point in the Southern hemisphere. Solstice offers you an opportunity to make a deep shift in your consciousness that can impact how you’ll live your life day to day. For centuries solstices have been known as the energetic portals of the year. Tune in today and over the next couple of days with this beautiful grounding meditation called.

Isht Sodahana Mantra

Dhartee Hai, Akasha Hai, Guru Ram Das Hai

It connects the earth and the vastness of the ether and projects it from the heart.

Here’s the mantra on Spotify

Posture Easy pose with hands in gyan mudra

Eye focus Closed or 1/10th open

As you chant

Dhartee Hai visualise a grey earth tone from the navel point expanding on both sides down to the ground and hold this image

Akasha Hai visualise a vast blue sky from the third eye point (above bridge of nose between the eyebrows) expanding into the ethers.

Guru Ram Das Hai visualise a bright white light radiating from the heart centre, expanding out in all directions, filling everything with this light.

The mantra calls you into the present moment, calling on your higher self, keeps you grounded, humble and effective in your new goals and projects, and attracting opportunities for prosperity.

Time 11 minutes or 31 minutes

Enjoy and may the next season bring you beauty, bounty and bliss

Until soon

Always love x

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