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Half Year Check in

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Can you believe it’s July already? Rumour has it time is speeding up. The physicist Brian Greene might say time is different for all of us but it sure feels it’s on crack where I am.

Only minutes ago (or it felt that way) it was Summer with daily swims, New Year’s Eve fireworks with friends and fizz. Vision boarding and focus planning and now it’s July already.

We’re in Cancer Moon and just beyond the end of the financial year (if you’re in Oz), Summer up North and Winter Solstice (d’under) so it feels like a good time to chill, grab a cuppa and feel into if you’re on track or need a little course correction. Here’s a few questions I’ve been asking myself this week.

  1. What did you really want at the beginning of this year: intentions, goals, really want to do?

  2. Are you still aligned with these or what do you need to review, rejig, giveaway?

  3. How do you feel in my mind, my body, my spirit? What’s calling for attention?

  4. Where’s your time been going lately? Is this taking you where you want to go?

  5. What do you need to stop doing? What do you need to start doing?

  6. Who’s been important this year in a good way, mentor, friend, family, collaborator, someone you don’t know yet? Do you need to call them: thank them ask/offer them something?

  7. What’s the bravest and best decision you’ve made so far this year?

  8. What’s your non-negotiable to create, accomplish, achieve, or experience before the end of this year? What’s the first step to making this happen? Who could you meet, ask for help or collaborate with to help you achieve this?

Have fun with them. It’s not a ‘come to God moment’, just a moment in time that can help create the next half of the year with more focus and ease. Answer these in the way that feels best for you: journal, blog, with your mentor, or organise a mid year dinner with your friends you’ve been neglecting (or not) or hire a kayak and yell it to the ether. And when you’re done download my daily planner which everyone loves, so there’s every reason you will too.


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