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Dream it Real


My subconscious + superconscious world is vibrant and wondrous.

I dive in and swim gracefully between the finite and infinity.

Can you feel it?

Pisces is the most compassionate, intuitive and feeling sign. Its deftly swims between the earthly and the ethereal connecting all you have experienced with all that is yet to be imagined and realised.

It’s the last sign of the zodiac embodying all the experiments and experiences, accomplishments and mis-takes that have gone before.

Endings and beginnings, closure and openings.

Integration and imagination, mastery and mystery, fierce and free.

Alignment in action.

It blurs the lines and knows where they are.

It breaks the rules because it has mastered them.

It beats to its own drum and enters the rhythm.

It unravels the patterns and weaves new ones.

It dissolves the dissonance and dreams daringly.

Always and forever keeping its eye on the infinite prize.

Demanding a daily commitment to your mystical, magical or spiritual self.

In this moonth before we return to Aries and the cycle begins again.

Pisces compassionately requests you to reconnect, reflect, review, reclaim and recall.

Knowing we need clear the cobwebs to create space for new feelings, new dreams, new visions.

Breathe into that for a moment.

Close your eyes and enter into that liminal space of potential and possibilities, wilderness and wonder where your wide eyed inner child freely imagines.

What are you feeling, seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, reaching for with your heart.

Let your hands be led by your heart

In Kundalini yoga we say I am not my body, I am not my mind. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

These are instruments for your creations.

Use them well.

And with Pisces as the last sign it brings to mind that phrase

‘If it’s not ok, it’s not the end. And keeping front and centre that we are infinite beings there is no really no end, so use the conjunct with Saturn (even if it is out of sign right this minute) the sign of mastery, to help you bring those dreams into form.

By mid March, Saturn will be in residence in Pisces until 2025 so the seriousness we’ve experienced for the last few years while in Aquarius will lift and we can bring form to new dreams.

Pisces New Moon is a potent time to release what no longer serves so we are liberated to envision. Some questions to ask are

What do I want a bigger experience of?

Who do I want to become?

What do I imagine this better, bolder version of myself to say, do, think, feel, play, wear?

What do I want to spend my time and energy doing, with and for whom?

With whom do I want to create deeper connection?

What resources do I need, want, desire?

And let’s not forget Venus has just entered Aries until March 16th giving our intimate and romantic relationships some spark and sass. It’s a super optimistic last New Moon. Let’s swim in its sweet waters.

Oh and if you STILL haven't downloaded your 2023 Moon phase calendar, please do so here

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