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Imagination + Organisation

Full Moon in Virgo

06.03.23 11:40PM AEDT / 07.03.23 4:40AM PST / 7:40AM EST / 1:40PM CET /


This VIRGO FULL MOON is casting light on The relentless pursuit of more. Release everything that is not useful, beautiful or healthy. Where I am overthinking, overmanaging, controlling and perfecting comes into my awareness

In Kundalini Yoga it’s said you can make any decision in 9 seconds.

Imagine a HELL YES! or WAY NO! in less time than it takes to grab a coffee, roll out your mat or tie a top knot.

No second guessing, no decision hangover. That’s clarity with a taste of more!

Sometimes I'm all over this. At others I drive myself demented with ruminating and over thinking. When I'm in the second category (and if I’m aware :-) I do 1 of 3 things.

  1. I decide not to decide - I let it go by asking will this be important in a month, a year, a decade. Poof! No more energy needed.

  2. I set a date when I’ll reconsider - Until then no more energy applied. Usually by the allocated date my subconscious or better still my superconscious will have sorted it out. I’ll have new information or i’ll be in a clearer headspace or

  3. I decide - then I take the first step. or if it’s a #1 where no decision is needed - then what does it make way for

If the devil is in the details, it’s also where you’ll find the divine, and if Virgo’s domain is anywhere it is in the organisation of those details.

Virgo is analytical, diagnostic, can be critical, perfection seeking, controlling, micromanaging … And that’s the good stuff :-)

All needed for the most effective use of your day and your precious time. That’s Virgo's domain.

Full moons are known for illuminating the tension between opposite signs which are located in opposite houses (areas of your life) in your birth chart eg first house of self sits opposite the seventh house of partnership so Virgo Full Moon is a match made in heaven or a sharp reminder in Pisces season.

Pisces wants to dream the dream and realise it but with nebulous boundaries, it’s a task. This is the same Pisces who has two fish swimming in opposite directions, stay or go, root or escape, heaven and earth.

Pisces benefits greatly from Virgo’s skills to make the immaterial material, to do the work, to create the structure, to allocate the resources, to organise the divine details.

Virgo wants to serve but knows it must first take care of itself.

And the best and IMHE, only way to do this is through your daily practices so you can trust you’ve got this!

For sure we can all show up in a blaze and bluster once and a while but to keep life flowing and joyful even among the storms demands caliber and consistency. The good and bad news is that, that comes back to your daily practice.

So on this Full Moon it’s time to get rid of anything that’s cluttering your mind or closet, taking up space or out of date in your heart and cupboards, and any beliefs that are so past life or pre Covid.

Do a quick scan:

  • where is it easy for you to show up in your work, partnership, relationships, food, finances, spirituality, movement, creativity, play

  • Where does it take a more concerted effort but it really pays off and you appreciate you’ve done that ‘thing’ when things get a little tight on time, tense, or a even little ‘what’s eating you’ terse

  • What’s way too hard and way too complicated and always kinda ‘internal’ tantrum-inducing or just not where you really want to spend your precious time (hello people pleasing but note I’m not giving you a free pass for your obligations :-)

Well, I'm sure you’ve got there before me. The first two are keepers and the third well ditch it or delegate it if it’s really not ditchable

March is a super big transformational energy month so you’ll be glad you’ve less excess baggage.

Saturn moves into Pisces (until May 2025) within the hour of the Full Moon so you’ll be getting a double dose of that structure in service of bringing dreams into form. Saturn, the master teacher is leaving Aquarius (the collective) where it’s been since - can you guess? - March 22 2020. I broke one wrist and sprained the other on my birthday March 24th, 2020 - just sayin’.

So think of this full moon as washing away all the debris from 3 years of screen staring, constrained connection and distraction dementia.

So many of life's valuable touchstones like birthdays, weddings, funerals, farewells and playdates were taken away from us during relentless lockdowns and closed circuit living as we moved from room to room rather than the multiplicity of environments and activities we normally enjoy - cafes, family and friends houses, ocean, mountains, lakes and rivers libraries, galleries, parks, festivals, picnics, parties ….

More than anything Pisces wants us to realise our dreams and Virgo wants us present in our daily rhythms and cycles so we can contribute to the bigger collective dream.

How can you use this full moon to shake off what’s no longer needed and build your focus muscle to deliver your magic?

And in the spirit of Virgo here’s a ritual to inspire you.

And if you are ready to use this Saturn in Pisces energy to bring those dreams into the material. Book an astro session and let’s direct your energy to make that happen, because where energy goes flows. I have 2 spots open for March.

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