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It’s not the life but the courage you bring to it


It’s not the life that matters, but the courage you bring to it. Courage is grace under pressure.

These are both mantras or quotes I think of often.

The first is a favourite from Kundalini Yoga

from Yogi Bhajan, the second from the notorious Hemingway

and something I aspire to.

Sometimes I manage it (recently more often)

and there are many others

when I have been anything but graceful.

We live. We learn or at least that’s the idea anyway  . . .

I’ve about to teach a course on Courage which means thinking about, pulling together resources, researching and noticing where it sits in my life.

Courage comes from word cor in Latin, coeur in French, which means heart.

It’s original sense was to express who you are with a whole heart.

Telling the truth of who you are. It means bringing all of you to whatever you do.

The greatest gift we can give

in any moment is the present of our presence, or as Emerson so eloquently put it a portion of thyself.

Saint Ignatius Loyola

intentionally gripped

red garnet strategically embedded at the top of his sword

when he went into battle.

It is the stone for the base chakra

It assists with bringing you fully into your body.

If you are not fully present in battle you’ll soon be dead.

So how does courage apply in our modern day

latte sipping, global terrorism, technology driven and increasingly uncertain lives?

We need courage to know ourselves, to know what we truly want and to have the balls to try to create it.

We need courage to get up and to give up,

to stay and to go,

To be able to ask, listen, understand and know,

which of these actions is appropriate and when.

We need courage to follow our dreams.

We need courage to ask for what we need,

for help, for love, for money, for support

and the courage to be able to receive it.

We need courage to share our feelings and ideas.

We need courage to say No to ourselves, our Mothers, our partners, our children, and at times to our bosses and clients . . . to make space to say Yes for what really matters.

We need courage to change or let go of the careers,

the relationships, the places, the houses,

the status, the routines, the diets, the lifestyles,

the stories, the thoughts, the habits

we have so assiduously cultivated.

We need courage to step beyond our comfort zones, to start businesses, to grow them, to leave them,

to get into action, to fail and reflect and to try again and again.

We need courage to be curious, to learn,

to ask and discern.

We need courage to love

and to love again.

We need it when the going gets tough,

when our doubts, challenges and the naysayers

are questioning, loud and the vultures are circling.

We need courage to step into the unknown. to dive into our fears and sit through our tears.

We need it to be vulnerable, confident and to show our power.

We need courage to stick to our vision

when blinded by indecision.

We need courage to alter course,

throw away the plan and know our boundaries.

We need courage to become who we are when many ‘interested’ parties are so sure they know who you are or who you should be.

How and where is courage sitting in your world? Do you have it when you need it?

I invite you to come join me for the Courage Series

You can find out about it here.

If geography or time does not collide,

here’s a guided meditation I recorded for you.

As we are all in this together,

please share as right at this moment someone you know and love

may be facing something in their life

where they need to find their courage.

And if you’d like to receive more.

Put your email in the box below

until you’re rather not anymore.

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Always with so much love and thank you for visiting.


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