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Just do something

It is in the doing you become who you are

We spend so much time waiting, waiting to find the right thing, the right person, the right job, the right house, the right idea, waiting for approval, for certainty, for a sign.

There is no right thing, idea, person, job, career. There is only the one you choose. You make it right.

Seth Godin would suggest you will never find the perfect thing.

It is by doing something you will learn and

discover what you love to do.

You will discover what you can do easily and what is more difficult for you. You will discover your gifts, your tendencies, you strengths and your weaknesses.

You sure as hell won’t discover this by thinking about doing.

You will be drawn to do things that appeal to you.

You will do them in your way.

You will also learn you what you don’t want to spend your time doing

which will steer you towards more things you want to do.

We have this idea we have to choose the perfect thing, before we start. We have to know before we begin. You can’t. It is only in the experience that you learn.

‘The grass is not greener.’

There is not a better thing over the hill,

over the road or after the next course,

the next degree, the next year or the next Moon cycle.

The question to ask, to prompt your first action is

Does this action leave behind a story I’m proud of? Does this make me satisfied that I did it? Do I want to do it again?

More important and more to the point is

Just do something that works for you that delivers something for you and for others. Does it make someone feel good? Does it pay your bills? Does it make the life a little sweeter? Does it move you closer to where you imagine you want to go?

There is no one thing. One thing will lead to another.

Just as one step leads to another

There are always so many things and places that need more of something. Whatever you are doing will help for now. The title and the label will change as you do.

What we are doing is finding out who we are

by aligning our intention with our actions by aligning our actions with our values.

This is the only thing to concern yourself with it

Stop overthinking it.

Start doing it

Nike got it right

Just do it.

What will you do today?

I believe every day should do something towards paying the bills, building the future and sharing and of course have some work rest and play. What do you believe?

Love to hear from you in the comments and if you feel the desire please share.



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