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Maturity versus innocence and why you want both

If we observe life cycles Our energy changes every 18 years, our intelligence every 11, our consciousness every 7. We can do different things, we want to do different things. We solve problems differently and we see our world differently.

By the age of 49 if you are getting better and not bitter you can return to innocence and be reawaken you sense of magic and beauty in the world. See it with the wondrous eyes of the newborn who asks ‘Is this all they’ve done?’

Maturity is when something is ripe, when it has reached its optimum state. It is ready to be plucked, for consumption or in human terms it is when someone (regardless of age) has reached that stage when they have learned and lived. What was knowledge through experience has become wisdom.

The rebellions, tantrums, indignations and frustrations have all been lived out and lived through. You reach a stage where you can see the part within the whole. You can stand outside while looking in: be bigger than the moment, feel and release the emotions, allow the whole story to evolve and unfold.

You understand that you have seen it before but are wise enough to acknowledge you cannot control or predict the ending.

The ingenué is impatient, more certain, clearer about the outcome. His work often reflects this. It is inconsistent. He jumps the gun. He reacts. He loses patience and gets frustrated. He stomps and chomps. He names and blames. And bridges burn. He gives up and gives in. His arrogance is only equalled by his self doubt.

We are all ingénues and all mature.

Where are you one and where the other?

Can you use the enthusiasm and gusto of your youthful self to get into action guided by your mature self to create and realise your ideas?

Do you need a mentor to guide you when to go fast and when to go slow?

Do you need a coach to be accountable to to do the right things at the right times?

Do you trust yourself to know?

I’d love to hear your comments and insights below. It’s where the conversation expands and begins.

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