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Me vs We and We vs Me


We’ve got fire and the water bearer here with this Full Moon. We’re grappling with ME (Leo) versus WE (Aquarius). Aquarius is big, expansive, societal, cosmic. Leo is ‘Look at me. Look at me.’ Water can put fire out. Is what you are doing in service to the whole? for the greater good?

Trust in the abundance. If it serves the WE it will take care of ME.

The first 4 signs of the zodiac are personal, the next four of which, Leo is the first, act in relationship to others and the final 4 have a wider scope: society, planetary, galactic. Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs which means they like to build on or respect what is already in place. They are both creative and expansive. Leo in that proud hair flick and flamboyant way. Aquarius is more fraternal and aware of the greater impact. It’s also ruled by Uranus who’s not afraid of change; unpredictable, unexpected and innovative moves: if it’s what needed to serve the whole.

Think of the inner child versus the adult. Big vision versus immediate gratification.

Watch out for serendipity and completely fresh insights. I’ve had a few already. I call them ‘duh!’ moments (Thank you Homer) where I see something that is so blatantly obvious that I was completely blind to before.

This is Aquarius showing you where you’ve been stuck, keeping yourself in the briars. They scratch badly. They’re annoying but not fatal so while distracting and uncomfortable; you can stand the pain. but for hong long are you willing to live with the scabs that will become scars. We know everything is best when in flow. Feel it and release it. Right away. And again. And again. And then again. There’s a meditation* to help with this below Let this be your new mantra.

I’m aligned and I trust everything flows.

This becomes more and more obvious as I realise the more I learn, the less I need to know. And what I know to be truly true is:

All the answers are already there, in your body, in nature and your own nature. Trust yourself. You know, you know.

This Full Moon may feel sharp. Aquarius, if thwarted can have an obstinate edge to it Fairness for all paves the way, so be mindful of your behaviour and impact on your immediate and greater world.

Take the fullness of this light to see the greater in relation to the personal and vice versa.

Big picture vision can lead the personal home.

There is a lunar eclipse this Full Moon but you’ll hardly feel it, as it’s barely clipping the edges of the Earth.

Here’s the ritual

Do take the time this Full Moon to write and release what’s kept you stuck, what memories, perceptions, stories have kept you cowering in the corner not shining your light, what perfectionism justifies your procrastination, paralysis.

Then like the ritual suggest burn it. Let it go as you delight in the flames that return it to the earth as dust. I’m holding a beacon for a world where everyone wakes at dawn, witnessing the breaking of the day (that word is no accident as it cracks through the dark) prepared and ready for the day ahead with a lightness in their step and a glow in their heart. Ready to share their gifts and joy. Imagine what a generous world that would be. Imagine what the day’s end would feel like too, with time to restore and play before replenishing your stores for a new day.

With that in mind I’m hosting a spring retreat Fancy a few fun days away with me More on that once very soon.

August birthstone by the way is stone of prosperity Peridot.

Now please, please share with your friends by hitting one, or ALL of the social buttons below. It could be just what gets them going today And thank you in advance. I appreciate your support. after all we are all in this together.

As always, always love. See you soon x


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And here’s the meditation I promised. It takes 5:29 minutes (well spent I’d say – so let me know if you agree/disagree).

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