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Never be a beggar

26.September.2022 @07.54

Everything is relationship.

In love or in life never be a beggar be the flame not the moth

It’s universally agreed by the scientists, statisticians and the mystics that the quality of your life depends on the quality of our relationships

Welcome to Libra Season the sign of relationships, partnership, harmony and justice.

And, If any sign wants us to embrace and embody the idea that we are all in this together, so let’s play nicely and share; it is Libra.

We are exactly the halfway point of the zodiacal year, initiated by Aries (Libra’s opposite). When the year begins some of us envision and set goals and intentions, so at the midpoint between the beginning of spring/autumn and the beginning of autumn/spring, it is the perfect time to revisit and reevaluate our alignment and commitment to those even if just to see how we do and don't take ourselves seriously :-).

And with 6 planets in retrograde, including Mercury where comms and words bear revision and repeating, to subvert what GB Shaw says ‘the problem with communication is the illusion that it has been achieved.’

You could say we’re in re-season. Reflect, re-evaluate, re-balance, re-align, and re-design until Oct 2nd when Mercury will station to move forward. But back to Libra …

Libra wants partnership and within it, it wants harmony and that ubiquitous word ‘balance’. Sounds delightful doesn’t it: fairness, equality for everyone, love and peace, happiness and honey, nicey nicey and then what?

So how is that working for you?

Remember there is no stasis in nature. We need tension to grow.

I’m a relationship maven with the most wonderful friends, family, clients and community, however a long term love relationship hasn’t sustained just yet. My maven status comes from all the (many painful) lessons I’ve had to learn in this sector. Many might say it’s my double Aries (sun and rising) and Venus in Aries that I hadn’t always shared and played nicely. I joke, I looked like I was fully in but always had my eye on the exit sign :-)

I now know through astrology and other studies that some of us seek freedom and adventure and others seek stability and security. No prize for guessing which side of that axis I fall on. Do you know where you're placed? (DM me if you want to discover this)

Knowing this polarity means you can bring MORE YOU to your relationships in every area - work, love, wellness, wealth, creativity, spirituality.

Since understanding this concept and exploring engaging ‘fairly’, most men I have encountered seem terrified by this concept :-) My latest quote is they expect to be treated as kings but they aren’t offering any kingdoms (and I suspect the same might be true in all gender relationships). Virgo teaches us we are in service of each other. The king serves his subjects and his queen. The iconic Elizabeth the 11, showed us, her service to her subjects and her Prince. Relationships get instantly better when we begin with what can I do to for my partner, family, colleagues, clients, community, the earth. . .

And as we learn relationally and comparatively.

Could we replace the binary thinking of ‘or’ with ‘and’ and approach with curiosity to solve the problem that is ours to solve in our colonising and polarising thinking. So rather than thinking they are flexible or stuck could they be stable and flexible, innovative and consistent, free and disciplined, sovereign and interdependent, reliable and surprising, secure and curious. Where is this binary thinking showing up for you in any and all of your relationships.

Where are you expecting to receive without graciously acknowledging the offering?

Where are you expecting intimacy in relationship but only dipping your toe in?

Where are you relinquishing your needs in the hope of validation?

Where are you consistently putting others' needs before your own?

Where do you feel abundant and where will there never be enough?

Where are you giving too much and filling a bucket of resentment in the corner?

So here’s my take, there is no such thing as equality in the way us humans interpret it - give and get. Give and take.

And, it’s not for us to decide on the exchange.

How about we take a longer, bigger, broader, more infinite view. It may take a day week year or aeon for the books to balance. Why are you counting anyway?

Choice is where our power lies, choosing what we are willing to give and expanding our receptivity muscle.

We have been conditioned to protect ourselves against giving too much, afraid we’ll be taken advantage of or we won’t be left with enough. We guard against takers yet where you are a natural giver, I advocate for you to give more, because it is in the giving your heart will be fulfilled and expanded to give and here’s the rub, receive more.

If you are a taker, receive graciously. Give the giver the joy of your delight in their offering. In this way both are fulfilled and expanded and you’ll likely feel more resourced to offer your gifts.

Now I am not advocating to give everything away. I am suggesting to fill yourself up and give from your overflowing resources and maybe go a little beyond yourself.

Remember, the zodiacal journey is sequential (not to be confused with linear). We’ve just travelled through Virgo who advocates grounding practices that keep you in optimum health, gratitude and joy through your daily habits: allocating your resources appropriately to become a benefactor of your future self. Firstly and always, taking care of YOUR needs - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual through your daily practices. so you can be in service of others in your home, at work, in your community and beyond. (Perhaps, you secretly tried the cleanse ?*)

Selfishness is the first step to selflessness.

Try this gorgeous entry to your day from @Marysia_Miernowska Instead of reaching for your phone instead reach for your body while still lying in bed. Rest your hands on your belly, your heart, breasts, womb and close your eyes again connecting to these first breaths of the day. Bring your awareness to your warm, vital body and float in the space between your waking and dream world to recall your dreams. Allow your nervous system to relax so you can enter your day calmly, slowly, tenderly with a sweet loving energy. From here set your intention for your day.

Now Libra wants us to enter every day in this way so when the challenges that inevitably occur, we can approach with curiosity, to gather data rather than jump in to defend our truth. Rumi’s quote ‘that there is a field beyond right and wrong. I’ll meet you there, comes to mind.

This New Moon will be at about 3 degrees of Libra placing it in alignment with Venus and Mercury Retrograde. Beauty and communication and more powerfully beauty in communication.

Relationships don’t happen in isolation and they are always asking us to take responsibility for our part in the dance. Are you looking for the good, bad or the ugly, the features or the flaws, to be right or to be in relationship?

This moon’s biggest invitation is how can you move from Aries ‘me’ to Libra’s ‘we’. Jupiter, in exact opposition to the New Moon, expansiveness is closer to us than it has been in 70 years. It’s in Aries (Libra’s opposite). Close enough for you to whisper in its beneficent ear what you want to expand, what you want to grow into, who you want to become, what kind of deep, love, passion, intimacy, partnership, prosperity and pleasure you are really seeking. What will you tell it

If you want to invite in love love try this Venus Spell I posted on 19.August or @VenusandVesta honey jar spell

Until soon

Enjoy the beautiful love vibes

Love always x

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