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New Moon in Libra – Balancing the inner and outer


Libra’s all about balance. This one is all about balance in relationships, and your relationships with all things in your life. As Patricia Liles from the Power Path reminds us

“Libra desires partnership between equals, equanimity, the calm place between breaths. Bring that into your communications. Let that be your point of growth. The North Node (in Mercury) challenges us to be all we can be.’

Relationships can be smooth as silk, slippery as black ice, seductive as self-saucing chocolate pudding and as temptuous as a 3 year old’s tantrum. Sometimes they can be all these things in the same afternoon, in the same hour:-) And this covers your work, your loves, your passions, your diet, your finances, your addictions, your neuroses. Yes everything and anything you touch.

I truly belief relationship is what life is all about. Osho tells us to not worry about what others say or do. Just observe yourself in relation; reaction or response to others. Where and when do you stop listening, where and when do you shut down, open up, avoid, embrace, ignore, pretend, butter up, fold, compromise, scream, assert, surrender.

This is where the stormy seas that lie beneath the artfully cultivated Lululemon yoga zen gets all tangled, where the corporate cool stomps in those Louboutins, and the Stepford wife souffle flops or the dinner is truly in the dog (or the pool boy:-)

What’s inside you will show up in your external world until you make peace with it. Libra wants us to embrace our duality. It wants the masculine and famine to dance in harmony, no competition, no patriarchy, no lines of demarcation, no roles.

It wants us to own all of us, and to be all of us, for all of us.

So this new moon will bring you to task on where your inner reflection is not meeting your external projection. I’ve been doing a meditation called Balance the Intention with the Projection for about 50+ days now so I’ve been head banging with where what I say and think is not aligned with what I do; where what I say may not be the whole story. It’s been challenging to say the very least. It’s perfect for this Moon cycle and if you’re game, email me and I’ll record the meditation for you to do. (It’s easy and only 11 minutes)

We are all seeking this balance whether it will take us years or lifetimes. There are no shortcuts but I can attest that when you think clearly, say what you mean, and do what you say. Life is so, so, so, so much simpler. A lot less faffing and much less hot air too not to mention less slammed doors and tears. I’ve a long way to go to be all zen in my lulu’s but it’s clear to me ‘I’m in’:-)

And there’s planetary action as always: Firm Prof Saturn has some discipline to deliver while Chiron (wounded healer) and Pluto (who like to stir things up) are also about. So stock up on tissues this month might just all be about feelings. Let them surface for healing and release. I’ve been doing some work with the lovely Frank Boffa and he teaches to feel into them, expand them, open your heart to them, feel them fully and then release. Phew! Next please:-)

Divine Harmony reminds us that evolution is circular. I remember hearing this concept for the first time on a workshop with Kim Fraser who used a spiral on a zodiac wheel to illustrate. We often revisit the same lessons again to divine deeper mastery. It doesn’t mean they don’t hurt again. (old wounds are tender that way) It just means you ‘see’ and move through it faster 🙂

The universe has been clearly telling me one thing at a time. One pointed attention Focus, Focus, Focus. Complete one thing before beginning another This is like being in bound lotus, on a skiing trip for a creative Aries like me. I long to dip my fingers, paintbrush (stylus) and toes on every mogul, every tree, and hill as I sashay down the mountain.

I’ve learned though that, it works, even if there are small sneaky forays into other ideas 🙂 I’ve completely redesigned my jewels. I’ve written the words, some snappy repartee. I’ve created the art, I’m amazed they’re beautiful. I’ve linked them with the app (which is about to be reborn too 🙂 you get a free meditation.

The jewels are very happy in their new home as a complete gift in a package and they are eager to be released to the world. There’s a sneak peak below and there’ll be a new website in a few weeks. Please share as I’m looking for stockists and shops and please buy for everyone you know and love.

But enough about me:-) We are all here to own our unique gifts and use them to bring value to the world. They are our offering and our purpose. So are you ready to own yours and share them. As the theme of the fabulous Kundalini Yoga Festival said “It is the time.”

So here’s the ritual or close your eyes right now and feel deep into your body, connect with your heart and expand to the infinite field of light and ask where it truly wants to take you this moon cycle.

What does it want to experience, to release, to meet, to embrace. Feel into it and the only rule is to phrase it in the positive:-) No negative Nellies on this trip 🙂

And as you know, It’s always love in one form or another as the beautiful Rumi says it beautifully

'Our task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within ourselves that we have built against it.'

My intention for this full moon is to Let love in. I wonder where that will take me. . . .

In Sydney it’s 11:05 tomorrow the 13th. You can find the time for your location here

For now wishing you a wonderful New Moon. Please share as after all we are all in this together So much love x

PS It’s almost time to think of 2016 so if you’re interested in the Visualisation in Action workshop please email. It’ll be a mid November date. I’m opening to corporates this year so we can do it in person or you can do it virtually. You can find details here. And email too, if you want to talk about conscious evolutionary branding for your business. I’ve realised I’m really very good 🙂 See, I’m beginning to own my gifts:-)

resources – mystic mamma molly hall

Raguel is the archangel for balance and harmony in relationships. I must give him a call myself. Aquamarine as we know is all about courage in our communication, being able to express our truth with love and sensitivity for how it might be received by the other person. Oh dear I’ve certainly failed on that one a little of late. I need the archangel of Forgiveness too:-)

This is October’s birthstone. Opal is all about awakening passion and inspiration. Very aligned n’est pas xx

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