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New Moon in Taurus – Feeling the ground beneath your feet

Taurus the earthiest of the earth signs, ruled by Venus God of beauty is a deeply sensual and fertile sign reminding us of the bounty of the earth how it supports us and that:We are here on this material plane to live fully through all our senses. Quite the invitation eh:-) What are you waiting for? Click To Tweet

We spend so much of our time so busy, and these days staring at screens that we can forget the magic that surrounds us. It’s my latest addictions the cycles of the earth, the cycles of creation, the necessity to step into the flow of this, acknowledging there are times for everything. These cycles teach us patience (I’m an Aries patience comes hard:-) but as Autumn glows at present in Sydney with a cool sharpness to the mornings and evening but stunning sunshine in the daytime I am relishing stolen swims, bike rides, walks and the continual peeling and unpeeling of layers of clothes as I enter and leave the glistening sunshine.

It;s the most wonderful time of year here and similarly in Europe it’s the promise of summer after the unveiling of the underground work of winter. Flowers, animals and people emerge eager to feel warming air and embrace the promise of longer days.

This new moon is inviting you to unwrap or wrap yourself in the unique shell that is yours to fully inhabit your magical body with all its complicated mechanics, and graceful form. to fully accept all of it, enjoy it and behold its and your divinity. Its asking you to become intimate with who you are and bring light to your truth all of it.

Do you know your truth? Can you allow yourself to live into. It’s the only place you’ll truly find your freedom.

One of my mantras is

Our lives are the compound interest on our daily actions.

It’s both a threat and a beautiful promise. What we do each day is creating not only our present, but our future. When we live in alignment with our values, we find joy and freedom within each moment.

Yet so many live the lives they feel they are expected to live, living into parents, friends, partners, colleagues wishes and Liz Gilbert likes to say 'but that was someone else's dream.' Click To Tweet

We will really only do what we want to do.

If we are not fulfilling our truth, our dreams, our soul’s mission we are never fully showing up.

We’re not fully committed, not fully happy, not fully choosing. We’re going through the motions, shaking our heads in agreement when we could be enthusiastically engaging, expanding, eager and ready for action.

This moon is asking you to course correct, to revisit your choices, your motivation, your wants, needs, desires and dreams.

You are not the person you were two months ago, or certainly not the person you were two years ago.

Stop and ask what is serving you, what’s feeding you, what habits addictions do you need to let go of (thoughts, habits, recurring conversations). Click here for a 10 minute worksheet to prompt and get clear on this. Listen closely, observe your triggers and reactions. Look for clear signs and allow yourself to go where you need to be.

As I keep saying it’s who you are and who you are becoming as you do it. You are a unique being, there’s never been and won’t be ever be another you. Always remember this, and that you’ve come to share yourself through your gifts with us all.Your gifts will serve you as they serve others. Learn them, know them, own them and hone them. Click To Tweet

You can discover yours via tantric numerology here As Kelly Rosano writes.

Your gifts can create great abundance for you. They reveal your past life attainment that you have brought forth into this life. Nourish and nurture your gifts. Saturn says be a wise steward of your talent.’

As you use them allow yourself to feel how the earth supports you in every moment. Feel the gratitude and abundance of her gifts and offerings, in every area of your life: family, friends, partners, workmates, food, clothing, everything in your environment.

It’s time to come back to the earth, to come back to you, to strip away until you reach the elegant simplicity of who you are and what you have come here for.

So here’s the ritual or lately I’ve been just sitting with the feeling and allowing the intention to emerge.

It’s often just one word. This time it’s joy.

I’m curious to see how that unfolds ‘cos God knows the last few months have been a testing time and me, myself and I love a little joy:-) It feels playful to me like skipping in puddles and that first dive into the sea.

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ps and I should mention it’s a Supermoon (closest to Earth), the third Supermoon in a row for God’s sake

so expect it to shake your consciousness, code for you’ll be feeling it and Taurus is all about those sensations:-)

Find your new moon times here

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