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New perspectives and familiar views

Catalonia 2014

Today I realised I like my views open and to stretch long and wide before me preferably with variety in texture and hue. It’s pretty much how I like my life too:-)

This really will come as no surprise

to anyone who knows me well

and it’s likely my mother will just chuckle.

I’m curious and a free spirit

so the idea of a blocked way ahead

is tantamount to bound feet

or living in a dark house with no windows or doors open.

I spent the last two days in the most gorgeous place

where you looked out the window

almost directly to these large mountains,

dense with trees and scrub

on all sides of you.

I had of course scaled a mountain to get there.

It was a beautiful old Spanish house.

Imagine large rooms, stone stairways,

burnt red window frames, tiled floors,

gorgeous light, large terraces,

friendly hosts, interesting people.

Amazing lightning storms at night,

dramatic skies, beautiful clouds,

but as soon as I got there I felt myself close a little.

It wasn’t until the end of the 2nd day

that it struck me it was the mountains.

They felt like a wall to me,

a large impenetrable wall

of which I couldn’t see the other side.

I later returned to the place.

I had stayed the previous few days

further down the hill and mentioned

that I found being up the mountain

beautiful but also heavier.

My host instantly said its very protective

and I replied I don’t think I like that.

A chat then ensued where in Feng Shui

it is considered good to be protected as you enter your house

but to have a long view once inside to the outside.

This place had a soothing gentleness to it. The views crossed hills and vale to open fields.

Trees, bushes, flowers, and you can see those large mountains safely in the distance.

I believe we are very connected to the land

and particularly to the land where we grew up.

Immediately I land in Ireland I feel at home. In any moment I can close my eyes, see it feel it and smell it.

I believe where we choose to live

and how its effect on us, is greater than we often acknowledge.

I have lived in so many different places

but water and particularly the ocean always calls me.

I love to stare into its distance.

It speaks of possibility

and stories yet to be discovered.

How do you like your views?

What do they speak to you of?

Look around you wherever you are.

Then close your eyes and

bring your focus to your heart.

Now drop deeper into your heart

Ask it to take you to a place that calls you.

See it, Sense it.

Wait for the forms, the textures, the colours to fill in

the details to paint themselves in your head.

Settle into it, and just be there. Breathe in its aroma,

Hear the sounds. Let the air touch your skin.

Stay there for for a minute or two as long as you need to.

When you are ready begin to come back

into your body into the room.

Breathe back into the moment

Keep the feeling of that belonging as you move into your day

Know this place is there in any moment you need to go there.

Have a gorgeous day


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