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No end in sight . . .

I’m in LA on my way to summer solstice in New Mexico. On the way over I watched a lot of movies. Everywhere is a long way from Australia (but let’s not labour that subject right now), so I caught up on so many I’ve missed recently.

One was the Lunchbox An Indian movie about that incomprehensible and absolutely fascinating system they have, where about a million lunches leave their homes each day and somehow unfathomingly arrive at their million of destinations less than hours later in perfect unison and on time for lunch. Except the story in this movie is that one doesn’t.

Every time I think of how it works. I feel WOW!

The movie was beautiful, small in scale, sensitive and displays the extraordinary misunderstanding or misconnection between two people, who are apparently on the same journey but can’t quite find their way together.

And while discovering this they find the path to another person, another heart while discovering in finding their own.

One line that keeps occurring in the movie is that the wrong train can take you to the right station.

And so trust that while you are finding yourself veering off in a direction you might never has expected will also take you there.

You are always on your way to finding who you are. The bravest thing you can do is stand in your own power, and dare to become who you are 🙂

The movie ends with us not knowing with no clear conclusion but full of possibility and life’s like that n’est pas?

There is no end but just different journeys.

I like that it doesn’t wrap it up neat like a chocolate bar. (The Americans would have been unable to resist.) I like that it left me imagining feeling the tension of hope, of love, of maybe of missed opportunities, sliding doors.

In your own life Can you live in the space of not knowing?

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