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PatChats for breakfast

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

PatChats is a breakfast talk series I co-host with Eamon Eastwood of Taste Ireland on behalf of the Lansdowne Club.

PatChats is kind of like TED talks with an accent. We started a couple of years ago in response to the changing work landscape as a place for people to meet others like them, to share, collaborate and co-create. It’s peer to peer conversations on a different theme each time for sharing stories, insights and wisdoms on the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial journey among Irish expats and friendly interlopers. It’s a warm and friendly room, a Q&A format that gets to the heart of our guests story and what drives them to do what they do and the impact they want to have. Everyone’s story is so different as they have navigated their way from Ireland to Australia and established themselves and their careers/businesses here.

It’s a bi monthly live event in the Sydney CBD and soon to be a podcast. Come to our next talk on Thursday 27 September with our guest Teresa Keating on the theme of connection. I’d love to see you there. Of course there’ll be coffee and excellent pastries from Goose Bakery in Forest Lodge. The video was created by the guys at zero limits production

You can listen to podcast here

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