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Perceived limitations. Can you perspective shift?


Full Moon Pisces, harvest moon and lunar eclipse is emotions on overdrive. It’s asking us to open our wounds so we can shift our perspective and finally let them go.

The eclipse amplifies the energy. Have you been feeling its charge? There will be drama unless emotions, wounds, old stories and ourselves are fully felt and owned. And if possible dissolved. Remember it’s not all your wound, it’s shared and so the healing can be shared too. Don’t take it personally and don’t assume anything.

The Virgo-Pisces axis brings an opportunity to clear, to declutter on every level and to dream the impossible dream and see that it’s only we who make it impossible.

This Full Moon can illuminate a new path forward if you are willing to see and release the blocks you put in your own path.

Mars is embracing with the feminine. We can break new ground here.

Otherwise it will be more of the same, men versus women, one religion against another, one man against another, More separation when we are all connected. Men acknowledging their feminine energies  and women letting go of old stories that we can’t change no matter what.

We need to surrender to what is for what is now creates the future. Let’s not give the past that power. 

We’ve just completed our 16 Day Conscious Creation Challenge

The second season of the Collective is now open until September 30th.

I have changed structure. Click here tosign up for the webinar on Tuesday September 27th

or click here to join.

In the meantime please use this energy portal to feel and release.

I am co-hosting a retreat in Kangaroo Valley with this wonderful group of women.

We will hold you in our minds and hearts  as we celebrate and release in our Fire ceremony this evening.

Here’s the ritual

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