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Prosperity Mantra – Ganpati Kriya

These times they are a changing. I am experiencing prosperity in so many areas of my life. My health is good (despite an injury). I feel very loved and supported by family and friends. I love the work I am doing. I love yoga on the beach and I love the swim that follows. and the coffee after that. I love my life, really I do.

That said I have never been so financially challenged. My father would often say with a wry smile ‘Sure, as long as you are you keeping the wolf from the door?’

He’s scratching and can hardly contain himself. Personally I believe if we are worried about our rent we are not at our most generous and best selves so I am presently course correcting to return myself to prosperity in this area of my life asap, toute suite, pronto and schnell (just in case my financial angel has been speaking another language 🙂

There are so many parts of our lives and true prosperity is when we feel full in all areas. Is there a part of your life that feels a little scarce or sparse?

love, money, health, relationships, learning, adventure, wellbeing growth, creativity, service and spirit

If you are rocking it in all areas right now Bloody brilliant! but maybe you can share this with someone who isn’t feeling so full.

Here’s the meditation. It’s called Ganpati Kriya

It is said this meditation will redeem all negativity of the past and present, smooth out your day-to-day problems and create a positive tomorrow.

It will change your luck and allow prosperity to flow. illustration by fisheye Posture Sit in Easy Pose, with a light neck lock.

Eye Focus The eyes are 1/10th open. Concentrate at the Third Eye Point above the bridge of your nose between your eyebrows)

Mudra Place the wrists over the knees, hands in Gyan Mudra, with the arms and elbows straight.

Mantra Saa-Taa-Naa-Maa- Raa-Maa-Daa-Saa- Saa-Say-So-Hung Illustration by Jo Allsop of Part 1 Chant the mantra on a single breath, as you press the fingertips of each hand sequentially (thumb to fore finger, thumb to middle finger, thumb to ring finger, thumb to little finger) with each syllable. Use a monotone voice. Continue for 11 minutes.

Part 2 Inhale deeply and hold the breath. Move the body in a slow twist and stretch motion. Move each muscle of the body. Move the head, torso, arms, back, belly and hands. Then exhale powerfully. Repeat this 5 times.

Part 3 Immediately sit straight. Look at the Lotus Point (tip of the nose). Become totally calm, absolutely still. Meditate for 3 minutes.

Finish Inhale and hold the breath for 30 seconds as you physically move and rotate your body as if it is going through spasms. Every muscle must be stretched, squeezed and turned around, from the muscles in your face, head and neck, down to your toes. Exhale. Repeat this 3 more times. Then inhale, sit calmly and concentrate on the tip of your nose for 20 seconds. Exhale, and relax.

Do this for 40 consecutive days to break the cycle/habit of scarcity or lack in whatever area you are experiencing it. For 90 days to establish a new cycle of thought/habit 120 days to embed it in your psyche. 1,000 days to master it.

I’d love to hear your experience. Please share here and do pass it onto any of your friends family who might be feeling the world could be a little kinder right now.

I’ve found it to be true that If you don’t go in, you do without.

Sending you love and lightness and all your wishes (for your highest good 🙂 come true

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