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Rocks in our heads

via Pinterest

Upon arriving at the ‘turisme rural’

I was about to stay at

I stumbled in on a conversation

about the difference between male

and female hormones

that had been prompted by the horrifying

and at that moment seemingly random

blowing up of the Malaysian plane

travelling from Amsterdam to KL.

I suggested that the bombing was certainly

the result of male hormones

and that the rock I had just moved

to clear the road to get there had challenged

my male side that wanted to just drive over it,

It was the first of 3 times

in the last two days

I have had to stop my car and get out

to remove large stones that were blocking my way.

This was the first time and lazily I thought really

Can’t I get around it or go over it

but it was on a narrow country strip

It would bestow too much grandeur to call it a lane

it was more a well trodden track

full of charm and lacking any engineering insight.

My instant mental calculation

took in the long drop to a large amount of nothing on the right and the fact that it was a rental car

so I dropped anchor, got out and heaved

the not insignificant rock to the side.

It happened again two mornings later

as I was leaving to head southwards.

Stop, handbrake, gears in neutral and out once more to an even larger but more interesting rock this time.

And for the third time

the same day on a larger road.

It was this one that prompted this post:-)

It made me think that small or sometimes larger annoying obstacles

are in our way all the time.

More often they are in our heads:-)

Each time we have a choice.

Do we just pretend,

they are not there and scramble over them

or do we stop and take the time to remove them

so the way is actually clear

or do we manoeuvre to go around them.

You know my thing about the daily practice and each day containing

Creation, action and reflection

Well you get it all at once today:-)

Spend a moment and consider

something that is a perceived 

or real obstacle in your life right now

Is it something new?

Something that has been hanging around for far too long like a bad smell?

Something that keeps cropping up?

Breathe into it for a moment.

Begin to imagine it wasn’t there,

Imagine the way ahead is clear.

Imagine you are beyond it?

It’s no longer in your consciousness, your path.

What does that feel like?

Sit with this for a moment. What’s possible now?

Now return to the obstacle Consider what part you play in it,

Are you creating it? Are you the obstacle?,

Is it beyond your control?

If so can you accept its presence?

Can you work with it being a part of the landscape?

Can you work around or integrate it 

into your project, your life?

Can you take some action to remove it?

Now go look at it afresh again.

What do you need to do to move forward?

What one step can you take today to change it or your perception of it?

Now put it in your calendar and do it or schedule a time to do it asap.

Have a gorgeous day


I also tasted some bull sausage today which on its own is enough of a reason never to be a vegetarian. Seriously, and I’m no raving meat eater by any stretch of the imagination but this was so good. It must be bad. I hear on good authority (from the person who bought it for me) It’s only one of the many local varieties and that this one is called bisbe negre. I know I am in the land of Jamon, Jamon but I am now beginning to understand Catalan pride. This sausage is worth fighting for. Of course I believe fighting never solves anything.

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