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Shaping structures


23.12.2022 @21.16 AEST

‘Nothing is softer, or more flexible than water yet, nothing can resist it.’ Lao Tzu

As we hurtle towards what’s new, we can rush to discard the less elegant moments of what formed us - bad hairstyles, garish eyeshadow, ugly shoes, temper tantrums, verbal vomits, ill chosen partners, blushworthy behaviour and as many faux moments as faux pas.

There is no shape with structure.

No frame without foundations.

Who you are now is because of who you have been.

You have risen from your own ashes countless times.

If the masculine is the landscape, the feminine is the weather (tku louise) and as David Whyte proposes

‘We shape our self to fit this world and by the world are shaped again.'

Our internal and external landscape is dynamic, forever changing and our great work is to shape it intentionally aligned with our souls journey

Each zodiacal season builds on its preceding energy; Sagittarius magnificently projects, dreams, imagines, envisions, declares but without discernment, limits, or care for how that might manifest itself in your reality.

The work of Capricorn is to build that which is stable, sustainable and flexible.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. Cardinal signs initiate. Earth signs stabilise. They are feminine in orientation.

In its shadow Capricorn is rigid, inflexible, systemic and attached to what is already established - protecting what is - the patriarchy, status quo, government and institutions but these structures are its house designation as opposed to the sign. And let's acknowledge everything that is born will die.

Capricorn is the sea goat in modern astrology and the crocodile in Vedic astrology.

A symbol that can dexterously and tenaciously scramble all terrain on land but is equally at home in water which may speak to its agility and flexibility.

New Moons call for intention setting and this is a super moon so expect more intensity aka emotional energy. It wants you to lay the foundations for new intentions where you’re ready to merge deeper into the mystery of life, relinquishing and releasing old ways of being and doing so new structures and shapes can emerge.

Just like fire can destroy, winds can sweep and water can crash - taking away what is not strong enough to resist the force of nature, this New Moon is here to relieve you of what no longer is for you.

It will help you lighten the load, divine your decisions, chasten your choices, so what you align with and where you direct your energy is only committed to what matters to the YOU, you are becoming.

Remember, Moons symbolise our emotional needs and where our needs are not fulfilled we will never feel whole.

Look for your Moon in your chart here note the sign (expression) and house (area of life) it is in. My moon is in Scorpio (perceptive, passionate, curious, sensual) in the 9th house (higher learning, spirituality, travel, exploring, publishing) so I need to satisfy these things to feel centred and whole.

Emotions are energies moving through us; they do not want us to fear or control them. They ask that we feel them deeply as they rise and fall, ebb and flow, moving through us; teaching us we are nature.

Nature is always seeking equilibrium. We are nature so we are too.

It’s a tantric dance between creation and action, not the relentless pursuit of more but taking the time to get clear so your actions are focused and effective, so ….

Can you allow yourself to divine your depths to fully feel the life you really want to live? Can you trust yourself to create the structures to shape your life?

What will you give away to create space for what really matters?

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