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There’s a kriya for that?

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As you will have gathered from the past weeks; I have just launched my Kundalini Yoga Sadhana App.

What a journey it has been. It started about 8 months ago and naively I thought I would launch it within 2 months.

One of things I love most about Kundalini Yoga is that is both broad and deep.

I joke that Apple say there’s an app for that and in KY no matter what challenge you are facing there’s likely a kriya for that whether a physical kriya, a mantra, a meditation or maybe a combination of all of the above

There’s one to balance the right and left meridians of the brain. It has been proven to help prevent Alzheimers and I guarantee no matter what is going on it will calm you down in 3 minutes.There’s a kriya for prosperity. there’s a kriya to ground you if you are feeling you are off in lala land and we all have those days. There’s a kirya to make you unchangingly beautiful, there’s one for leadership. there’s one for the nervous system, one for self love, one to clear your demons, to move form darkness to light.

The one thing in common with them all is they will require discipline and likely a tussle with your mind, while you sit there feeling this is silly. They will likely confront you. They will show you parts of yourself you might have forgotten or are completely unfamiliar with. We are often complete mysteries to ourselves:-)

They will also deliver. I am constantly amazed at how powerful and effective a simple mantra or mudra is.

If you are fighting with yourself or your life right now. What about trying this one which is the theme for summer solstice which starts tomorrow There is a way through every block. It’s the 2nd sutra in Kundalini Yoga.

Or I am happy to suggest a particular mantra for you. Just email and ask.

Have a gorgeous day


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