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Time for a little celebration

My app went live today.

Wahe Guru*

I feel as excited and giddy as a giggling three year old and as vulnerable as someone who has just had the rug pulled from under her feet.

Now its out there. Will others like it as much as I do. What will they think?

And yet for the first time I have created something. I am proud of it.

I feel, I have done a good job. I feel I have created a wonderful resource that is useful and easy to use. Something that will make peoples’ practice easier for them.

The idea for the app came in meditation likely more than a year ago. It started with the simple idea to track you practice and grew into creating your personal library and even use it to teach.

It came from my need and I believe others need it too.

But the most important thing in all this is If you had told me a year ago I would design and produce an app I would likely have replied. ‘Seriously, I don’t think so.’

If you had told me 6 years ago I would design and produce a range of gemstone jewellery based on their vibrational energies, and go all Woo Woo! I would have suggested you were off your rocker 🙂

What I have learned is life is constantly unfolding in ways I would never have predicted or more honestly likely allowed ten years ago. Each of these things have required surrender and trust I was never sure I had and still sometimes unsure I have.

And yet by showing up more consistently for my daily practice, through trusting and following my intuition and opening my heart I feel more engaged and alive each day.

Who knows where this will go and where it will take me.

Life is a daring adventure, or nothing. And nothing holds no appeal at all.

So it’s time to pause for a moment to celebrate the release of the app. And surrender to what’s next, I don’t know but I know version 2 is already brewing, and there’s the seeds for something else too, but first I need to ground it, and propagate it. Please help me spread the word if you are a Kundalini yogi or a budding one.

What’s next for you? Can you sit in the space of not knowing? Do you celebrate your successes? Do you trust and follow your guidance? Can you edge beyond your comfort zone?

I’d love you to check out the app. You can find it here



*Wahe which means infinite bliss, wow, or something along those lines. Guru means the force that brings us from darkness to light.

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