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Trust is risky

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


‘And don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter.

It’s quiet, but the roots are down there riotous.’ Rumi

Scorpio asks, no demands us to trust in the mystery of life, death, rebirth, infinity. It wants us to trust in what we can't yet see, to imagine beyond what we know, what we have been told is reality, what we believe is possible.

We've been trained to believe in science – its deductive, analytical binary proof of right or wrong. In yoga we ascribe this linear thinking to the lower functional or strategic mind. For sure, it's useful for getting by in 'Earth School', but it doesn’t bestow a joie de vivre, a sense of meaning or direction.

It doesn’t give you an overview, so you make your choices beyond a balance sheet, but choose a more expansive perspective, from a higher frequency.

We are floating aimlessly in a world where wisdom has been diminished, and rationality is exerting its extreme penetrating pressure. If we let our fascination with technology guide us, it will develop faster than we can contain it. As the artificial intelligence we are developing is more intelligent than us, we will soon be controlled by robots of our own creation. In less than 5 years, they will outwit us with their cleverness. And the joke will be on us!

Scorpio tests us. And all tests tease us to move beyond ourselves but unlike the mouse who approaches the trap, whose instincts insist he succumbs, we are invited to enter our challenges awake, aware, knowing they will stretch us, as John O'Donohue taunts to ‘Go beyond yourself.'

This is the magnetic tension of the material over the mystical, the 3 dimensional over the multidimensional, the practical over the magical, logical over liminal, technological over human.

Scorpio wants us to embrace it all, because we are it all.

We are light and shadow, lovers and haters, generous and greedy, confident and doubting, saucy and prudish, courageous and timid, creators and destroyers.

Can you resist the impulse of judging others before you sting your own tail or instruct your robots to do it for you :-)

The stories we tell ourselves influence the stories we tell others is a core truth here.

Our experiential wisdom knows there’s no trust without risk, no intimacy without vulnerability, no great love without great heartbreak.

Safety is no refuge from pain.

Scorpio, aka the psychic detective of the zodiac wants to reveal what’s beneath and reach beyond.

It's always willing to risk death for resurrection. It has no interest in the small talk that people pleasing Libra might tolerate in exchange for connection. It drills deeper, truer, darker, scraping the layers of paint to expose the skeletons in the closet. Its work is integration and will relentlessly strip you bare, until you reach your nakedness to expose that there’s beauty everywhere and in everything.

Everyone I speak to dreads Scorpio season. They want the transformation; yet no one wants to go through its alchemical process, but

Without the journey there's no transformation.

Every spring we gasp at the sight of snowdrops, buds on trees, birdsong, lambs … as a new cycle of life begins and each autumn we hunker down for winter after we harvest and the trees are laid bare again.

Yet we quickly disconnect that from these cycles: the seed must burst its own skin to shoot and root, the butterfly rigorously beats its wings to break beyond the chrysalis.

There’s no transcendence without pain, no romance without tension, no beginning without an ending.

To become a mother you relinquish your maidenhood, to become wise you shed your innocence, wealth requires taking responsibility for investing your resources.

Each step forward demands we shed our past identities and risk our present selves to go beyond into our unknown future.

In the myth of Persephone her descent into the underworld for a period each year and re-emergence is a metaphor for this breakdown before the breakthrough. Similarly, Inanna descended into the underworld and passed through the 7 stages of surrendering her divine powers (adornments) to face her sister, Ereshkigal, and meet the consequences of her less than godlike behaviour.

The annuna, the judges of the underworld, surrounded her They passed judgment against her. Then Ereshkigal fastened on Inanna the eye of death She spoke against her the word of wrath She uttered against her the cry of guilt She struck her. Inanna was turned into a corpse A piece of rotting meat And was hung from a hook on the wall.*

She had to trust by letting go of who she knew herself to be; she would ascend again. The lesson is that every portal to your divine nature will demand you meet yourself and dismantle some previous version of you. This is the great work.

Are you ready to trust the process, as a portal of opportunity assisting you as you step into the unknown, allowing the next iteration of your life’s highest expression to unfold.

You see, if you view life as a mystery to be solved rather than an adventure to embark on, you will suffer in Scorpio season and then there's these eclipses to turbo charge the energy.

As this is our final eclipse season in Scorpio for 8.5 years could you use it to surrender to the highest plans that the universe has for you, allowing your dharmic North Node to reveal a little more. Could you find your soul's deepest desires are fulfilled in your descent and subsequent ascent, like flowers are willing to bloom knowing death is imminent. The french call an orgasm un petit mort - a little death.

Let’s make each one magnificently worthwhile :-)

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